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Acel and pokefriends: P3 Rude Ali

by Scrafty

Zephyr: And good riddance!
Ali: *giggle*.
Zephyr: What's so funny!?
Ali: I pranked the sevipor that this place was a free zone. Hah!
Ali: You what!?
Ali: it's just a prank. Deal with it.
Zephyr: I'll deal with you after I put you on the naughty step.
Ali: I am no child.
Dewott: Back with the popcorn... Where's the fight? Darn I missed it.
Zephyr: You are now on the naughty step. You are going to sit here for 12 mins.
Ali: The... why 12 mins.
Zephyr: You are going to stay here forces long as your age 12 years.
Ali: I am 5
Zephyr: 12
Ali: 5
Zephyr: 12
Ali: 12
Zephyr: 5
Ali: Deal.
Zephyr: Dea... wait a minute.
Ali: Deal it is. Hah gahdi!
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  1. Scrafty
    Aug 23, 2016