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On The Bright Side: OTBS Chapter 4: Orange. More Orange.

by Silvermist599

Silvermist599 In this new chapter, Noah starts to get used to this new easy home life. But is everything really as it seems? Find out in this new chapter of On The Bright Side.
I came home a bit later, and was surprised to find that my mom was already there. However, she didn’t seem surprised that I was late getting home; apparently the Noah I’d replaced and her had a good relationship. That would be a nice change for me.

However, as I retreated to my room, I did feel… well, bad. I had my Nate’s necklace, with all our plans, and he’d be dealing with someone that looks and sounds like me, but didn’t know him at all. And that was another thing. Whatever had caused me to get sent here probably sent the Noah from here to my depressing life…

‘I’ll worry about that later,’ I thought, pushing it from my mind. It wouldn’t help to focus on the past; I needed to focus on the future, which meant I needed to blend in. I stood out like a sore thumb in this world wearing my dark clothes and gray hair.

I walked into the bathroom and threw my gray clothes to the side and took out one of the fire-red shirts from my closet and a pair of dark blue jeans and put them on. After that, I took out the orange hair dye and went to work.

About a half hour later, I walked out of the bathroom, my hair dyed a bright vibrant orange. I actually didn’t hate the look.

“Decided to go back to orange I see?” My mom said from the living room.

“Yeah, I just thought I’d try something different this morning. I like the orange better though.” I lied through my teeth, smiling convincingly.

“Okay, sweetie.” She said. “By the way, dinner will be ready in about ten minutes, can you go set the table?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure!” I say, keeping up my act. I walk into the kitchen and the smell hit me. It smelled heavenly, nothing like the stuff I used to have at home.

A few hours later, I was sitting in my bedroom, looking though papers that Noah, well, I had on my desk. A lot of them were stories that my friends and I had made together. They were really interesting. There were so many stories, ranging from realistic fiction with a character named Corbin in a world just like this one to fantastical stories in which a brother sister duo received super powers and had to protect their world from an evil order while they made friends with a prince, an order guard, a lightning deamon, and a normal demon. I seemed to be quite the writer!

Anyway, enough about stories, I thought. I figured that I should look on Nate’s necklace’s flashdrive on the office computer and see if anything had changed. If so, maybe I could get some more information about this world, maybe even contact my Nate.

However, as I approached the office, my mom was on the phone, and out of habit, I began eavesdropping on her, and what she said nearly made me drop the necklace. “Mr. Colstrom,” she said, “enact the plan quickly, Noah’s already been swapped.”
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