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On The Bright Side: OTBS Chapter 15 Part 1: The Darkness in The Light

by Silvermist599

Silvermist599 The first of two parts of the finale of this installment of Noah Connor's Saga, and also the second chapter to have been written from Nate's perspective. But what will the hero's do now? If Noah the only one left? Will he be able to rescue his friends and get home in time for whatever 'Blondie' was warning them about? Find out next time on On The Bright Side. ;)
Still Nate here, because apparently Noah trusts me enough to write the first half of the finally.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right…

In the instant that Mayella Connors ran through the door, a multitude of things occurred, several of which I have no explanation for. First of all, a bright light flashed inside the whole office. It seemed to come from somewhere behind me, but I had bigger things to worry about as Noah’s mom was charging at me.

As she drew near, I backpedaled as fast as I could and pulled a sharp metal clip from my lock-picking kit and held it out before me. I’d always gotten along with Noah’s mom in the past, but this seemed… weird. Strangely, however, she wasn’t running toward me, she was running toward the control mask on the table. She grabbed it and some of the smaller masks and ran out of the room, presumably to get them to Mr. Colstrom.

“Good thing I disabled the mask first, right guys?” I ask, turning around toward… a wall? Where were Mikey and Kara? They had simply vanished without a trace, along with my necklace. Then it hit me: in the message from ‘Blondie,’ they said that my necklace had more power that I realized, that it was able to hop dimensions.

Somehow, Kara and Mikey had activated the necklace and gotten themselves teleported to the colorless world!

Realizing that there was nothing more I could do in the office and knowing that I didn’t want to be caught in the principal’s office unattended, I run out and head toward where I knew Noah should be.

The hallways were as busy as always as I ran, but before I could get to Noah, I ran into Mr. Colstrom in the hall. Literally. He was wearing the pale white control mask. It was bulky on his head, but that didn’t stop him from quickly getting up and chasing me. He was holding several of the smaller black masks, but luckily it seemed that he hadn’t realized that his control mask didn’t work.

After running for a few minutes, I burst out the back doors of the school, Colstrom still close behind me. However, outside, Noah was standing across from his… well, the other Noah’s mom. “Noah, don’t trust her!” I shouted as I ran toward him. Then a black mask was slapped over my eyes and everything went black.
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