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On The Bright Side: OTBS Chapter 14: The Infiltration

by Silvermist599

Silvermist599 A part of the story told from the eyes of Nate Moral while Noah is distracting Mr. Colstrom.
Hey, guys. Nate here. Noah asked me to write these two chapters because he wasn’t here for this part, so here we go…

It was Tuesday morning, Tuesday the 24 of February and it seemed it was time to enact our plan. It quickly dressed myself in my usual jeans and white jacket, but today I slipped a pair of wire cutters and the lock picking set Noah taught me how to use into the inner pocket of my jacket, out of sight so that no one would notice them.

That morning at school, I made sure to avoid even looking at Noah, and kept my conversations with Kara and Mikey on anything except the plan. They were both as tense as I felt, but I felt that we could do this as long as we stayed focused and Noah could keep Colstrom out of the office.

Four hours later, I listened from around the corner as Noah led Mr. Colstrom toward the computer lab on the other side of the school. As soon as they were out of range, I ran to the office door and took out the lockpick and quickly opened the look, giving us free entry to the office. Kara and Mikey quickly ran to push the bookshelf aside as I locked the door behind us.

Inside the secret lab-office, I ran over to the mask that was obviously the main control mask and set to work, waiting as Kara and Mikey searched around the office for the other necklace, them using mine to try to see if it would react and give us the location of the one we were searching for.

In a few minutes, I’d finished working on the mask, completely disabling it, but still no luck on finding the necklace. However, we did find files on all four of us, both from this world and the other. It was strange…

Finally, however, I pulled out a box from underneath a stack of papers that had a sun on it as well as a faint red diamond. It looked promising, and sure enough when I opened it, the necklace was in there. Now we just needed to get out of there, but that’s also when things went wrong.

Mikey and Kara were talking, but I’d kinda tuned them out, but I caught one of them saying, “I would like to see what it’s like in the world Noah’s from.” That was the last thing I heard before the door to the office unlocked and Noah’s mother walked in and saw us in the secret room and shouted, “what are you doing in here!?” Before running toward me.

Then all chaos broke loose.
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