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Oscar's Kanto Quest ep.6 Warrior of Stone

by Masterofmalor

Masterofmalor The story of Oscar and his best friend Mikey as they journey through Kanto like you’ve never seen it before (originally a reupload from Fanfiction.net)
Ever since the Onix incident, I've been helping out with the rebuilding. Mostly it's just been clearing away rubble, but I feel like I'm helping, if only a little. Recently however, Brock seems distracted as if just hurrying to get it done. "Hey Brock" I asked him once during our lunch break "you seem off, what's up" Brock looked at me with an inch of regret and breathed in once, and begun "you heard the news about Misty closing her Gym a year ago right?" I nodded once, remembering her saying it was for personal reasons, and her introducing the new Gym Leader. He then went on saying "well I was confused at first, I mean, I traveled around Johto with Misty, and she missed her gym. So hearing the news shocked me, then she came to Pewter and told me, she found an old friend of ours. 'I'm going to find him' she said 'so you're coming with me or not'. I packed my stuff and was ready to head out, but I heard rumors of Neo Rockets hanging around and I wanted to make sure they were out of the equation. Before you know it, this all happened "he said. Gesturing outwards towards the destruction "I want to be able to go look for him, but I need to stay to help the Gym, and I owe you a battle, my last one before I swap hands of the Gym." I looked at him with shock "excuse me WHAT?!" he nodded and sighed "yep, it's about time I turn the title over, maybe one of my siblings, who knows." I studied his face for a moment, this was clearly something he's been thinking about for a long time. "I understand, just make sure you don't lose you edge battling me, alright?" I said nonchalantly "I won't, but first, go and train, I'll take care of the rest of rubble, you'll probably need it, after all"

So that's how its been for the last week or so, rubble in the morning , training in the afternoon and evening. This was actually when I got to take a look at our new team-mate Tyoge. "Come on out Girl" I said throwing her Pokeball into the sky, "h…hi" she said timidly. I went on my knee and held her up saying "Tyoge, my name is Oscar, these are my friends, you already know Mikey" I gestured to the smug Tyrouge "sup'" he said, acting tough "this is Colossus." The mighty Rhyhorn gave a silent nod with eyes seeming to say "welcome my friend" "and finally, here's Blastoise, he's gonna be staying with us for a little bit" Tyoge looked at the mighty turtle, jumped up and started using his cannons as swings. "this is soo adorable" Blastoise stated, "what was that?" I quickly asked the overly bravado Pokémon. "n-n-othing" he stammered, hiding his shame. I looked towards my small team of three( and ya know the GIANT WATER SHOOTING TANK TURTLE, BUT WE CAN'T USE HIM CAUSE OF PRIDE!) "YA READY GUYS!" they all gave a cheer, Tyoge jumping off of Blastoise and doing a little spin when landing. We were going to be ready for anything, let's do this, at least it's not Misty I thought to myself, remembering… oh so long ago.


I entered Pewter Gym, same as always, waiting to be assigned my area for rubble clearing , but instead I was greeted by Brock sitting on a throne of… stone. It was humongous, easily 15 ft. tall. Made of a solid grey stone structure. "ya ready Oscar?" Brock's voice projected from the throne to all of the arena. "before we battle, I need to see what you have in store for us, you don't have any badges… right?" I shook my head no "Ok, THOMAS, show this kid a good time, I'll let you two battle so I can choose the proper Pokémon for your experience level" I saw out of the corner of my eye a large man come towards me.

He was BUILT , and clearly could beat me in an ACTUAL battle, but right now I needed to be ready for his team. "GO, LILEEP" he shouted and out came the named Pokémon, crying out its name in a nasally tone. "ok, let's see what your made of, TYOGE, LET'S GO!" I threw the Pokeball and out came the Machop, ready for action "uhh, uhh, hi t-h-h-here sir." She stammered entering the field, seeing the Lileep tower over him. "if she is too scared to fight, Lileep will knock the floor with her, unless" I quickly sent out Mickey and Colossus "I need you two to cheer on Tyoge... tell him he's got this" the two nodded and Colossus started off "DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL BE FINE" but it was a simple "I believe in you" from Mikey which won her over. "yeah... I can do it… BRING IT ON YA GIANT PLANT" she roared, and suddenly a burst of red light formed around Tyoge's hand and she ran with all her might, and punched Lileep right in the space where its eyes lay.

"that was Dynamic Punch, if I'm not mistaken, and since our dear Machop possesses the No Guard ability, that attack should have hit" Rhyhorn noted. Its affect was obvious, the Lileep was confused, and on the floor, drooping slightly. "LILEEP, ANCIENT POWER" Thomas shouted and the plant responded, launching a semi white aura around itself and launching it towards Tyoge. She seemed to have a trick ready for this one too, as her arm began to glow with dark energy as she… smacked the Ancient Power attack off to the side. "Knock Off" Mikey noted "gotta ask her to show me how to do that." Lileep looked about ready to give up, then Thomas shouted "Bullet Seed, NOW" and a flurry of seeds were released at Tyoge, the baby Pokémon not having the speed or skills to avoid them all, "Bulk up" I ordered quickly, at the very least she'd have a small buffer. Not that it seemed to help, a flurry of shots was launched at every possible area of Tyoge's body, she was undeterred however, and stuck through. "is that the best you got?" she chided. "Tyoge. Bulk Up once again" I said, she replied, the energy flowing through her. "now we got em' Lileep… USE STONE EDGE" Thomas commanded. Tyoge can't withstand another blow like that, I have to think. I was then wondering what I could use nearby to beat this rock grass type…. Just rocks…. And more rocks…. And EVEN MORE ROCKS. That's it realized, "TYOGE, USE DYNAMIC PUNCH ON THAT BOULDER RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!" she looked at me in confusion, then punched the boulder with all her might. My desired outcome was to see the rock fly through the air and form a shield against the Stone Edge attack. It did not do that. It instead rode across the ground , deflecting Stone Edges and forming its own momentum, and it was heading straight for Lileep.

The stone made contact and caught the Pokémon in its course of destruction. The stone hit the wall and we all heard a loud CRACK followed by a tired, moan-like noise "liiillllleeeep." "I did it, ya proud of me. Did I do good, did I? did I?" she said but not to me, she said it to Mikey, who patted her head "you did excellent" I then saw Thomas return Lileep to its Pokeball "it's not over yet, throw out your next Pokémon, it's time for round 2!"I looked over to Colossus "your time to shine bud, let's go" I said, he gave a loud roar of challenge "LET US BEGIN!" as he strode onto the battle field. "GO, DWEBBLE" and out came a steak of light followed by a small bug in a rock-like shell.

"I've never seen a Dwebble move so fast" I said, shocked "well, this isn't an ordinary Dwebble, this was a cross-breed between Brock's and Burgh's, a Gym Leader in Unova who is known for his "Drill speed Dwebble" Thomas said "let's see how you do HERE, FURY CUTTER" Dwebble then ran at extreme speeds and gave a quick cut to Colossus, who barely felt a thing "I recommend actually hitting me next time" he said to the crab, always the ever present tutor. "ROCK TOMB, let's try to slow this guy down" I screamed, and out came a flurry of large boulders, each one crashing down towards Dwebble. But they were too fast, and it was able to dodge all of them, but that was according to plan. "AGAIN" I shouted, and my faithful ally complied, launching wave after wave of gigantic stones to try and trap the opponent, but each time, they outsped Colossus' attacks, and launched another Fury Cutter, slowly growing in strength. The field was practically a maze of dropped rocks, Dwebble was still somehow able to navigate through it. I was getting worried, Colossus was always a tank, but how much could he take? "ok, bud how ya doing" at this point, Colossus was downright panting "I don't know how much longer I can last, Oscar, sir, I just know I shall do my best." I gave him one final look, and saw my plan go into action "RHYHORN, HORN ATTACK ON THE ROCKS." He instantly realized my intentions and used his horn to throw the rocks upwards. What happened next surprised me however. Instead of having the rocks scatter and hit Dwebble, they orbited around him and he shot them out in a flurry of dark grey spikes.

The first one hit Dwebble enough to knock them off course and send it into the other dozens of speeding rocks. "dweb…. le" it sighed with a pained expression. I ran over to Colossus and asked "since when did you know Stone Edge? "the Rhyhorn was panting ever so slightly "Since… right now actually" I nuzzled his head gently and went up with Mikey. "so who's up next?" I challenged.

Then I saw the throne …eject. Or at least rise up slightly to an elevated platform. "I AM" I heard a voice and out came Brock, with 2 Pokémon at the ready. A Marcargo and a…Pupitar. "I never knew you had a Pupitar" I noted, having seen most of his Pokémon during the reconstruction but never seeing this one. He returned both Pokémon back to their respective balls and sat on the throne. Instantly the throne then shot towards me, slowing down right at the point where Thomas stood "I caught him in Jhoto, that was a fun little trip, this is his first battle actually. Make it a good one. ALRIGHT MARCARGO, YOUR UP!". He then threw up his Pokeball and out came the Lava Pokémon, roaring its name with a sort of slowness to it that wasn't surprising. Then out came a referee who clearly was just as excited as the rest of us. With the classic line about to begin, I knew this would be the most intense fight I've had in my life.

"The fight between Brock of the Pewter Gym and Oscar from Viridian City will now begin. Brock has placed the challenger at a level 6, meaning this will be a 2 Pokémon battle. Brock has chosen his two level 6 challenger Pokémon. SO MAY THE BATTLE BEGIN!" With that I felt Brock's usual demeanor shift. He was no longer a man who I fought alongside underground. This was Brock of Pewter City Gym. The Warrior of Stone.

"Ok. Mikey you" I started but he shook his head no "something tells me this needs to be Colossus' fight" I could tell from the way he was standing, fierce, like a warrior ready for battle. I rushed over to give him a quick Super Potion and he was ready to go. "HORN ATTACK! NOW" I called, but Brock was ready "FLAME CHARGE" the two Rock Types collided in the arena. And the impact was immediate. When the dust cleared, however, I was once again shocked by Colossus' endurance, barely taking a scratch from that attack. Granted, neither did Marcargo. "Fire blast" Brock called out, and Marcargo responded releasing a fast, deadly fire shot towards Colossus, he was ready however, and so was I "STONE EDGE" I shouted, Rhyhorn seeming to summon the rocks of his own volition this time, and shot them at the flame, scattering the embers and actually lighting the stones ablaze. They then soared like flaming arrows towards Marcargo, and hit his shell and body. However, that STILL didn't leave a mark. "Gunk Shot" Brock called and out of Marcargo's mouth came a blast of some mysterious substance. "Rock Tomb" I tried to say but it was too late, the blast was too fast. It hit Rhyhorn square in the face. The recoil was evident as he skidded across the field. "No… I can't go down this easily." He muttered. "YOU GOT THIS COLOS" I heard Mikey scream out. It was strange, but same as with Tyoge, the Rhyhorn seemed to rise up with determination "YES, I DO" he roared and launched a powerful Stone Edge attack. They did hit Marcargo, and I first I thought it had no effect, but I saw some form of slouching.

He was weakening. "Usually people don't last this long against Marcargo, he usually overpowers them with Fire Blast. Guess I underestimated you. Oscar "Brock noted. I smirked and replied "well, you ain't have bad yourself. "With that I quickly commanded my Rhyhorn to use his speed advantage over Marcargo and use a series of horn attacks. Each one striking the magma like body of the Pokémon. Overheat" I heard Brock and with that one word I knew I had made a terrible mistake. Soon Marcargo began glowing a bright red hue. Then released the energy from all around him. Catching Colossus in the blast and sending him flying into a nearby boulder. He wasn't going to win. Colossus was weakly standing up. I got out his Pokeball "Mikey you take his place. I'm pretty sure" I started to say. When Colossus stopped me "NO" he roared. "if I fall here, at least I know I fought with all of my strength. "I lowered the ball and gestured to Colossus "go get em' STONE EDGE" I stated. Colossus reared his head and shot another volley of stones. Each one actually looked like it dealt damage. Marcargo was almost out for the count. I read somewhere that once a Marcargo starts losing its strength, it's going to lose it at an exponential rate. "one more time" I ordered, and Colossus replied with volley after volley of stones. Suddenly I could tell Brock had had enough, he was trying to stop my attacks with counter moves like Flamethrower and Rock Blast but they just weren't enough. "THAT'S IT, MARCARGO, HIT HIM WITH IGNEOUS"I stood there confused when suddenly I felt the ground shake beneath me. Colossus, who was currently elevated on a boulder, felt it as well. Soon, cracks were beginning to form in the ground. One right next to Mikey, I had to grab him before the ground took him in. Brock was calm however, stepping aside these gigantic cracks in the stone. Colossus, however, was not so fortunate, one of the cracks caused his boulder to shatter, sending him hurtling towards the ground. Then I saw Marcargo's head rear up into the sky with a cry of its name as a gigantic burst of lava erupted from the ground. Right in front of Colossus. When the blast subsided I saw him on the floor, fainted. "good job, Colossus, you were great out there." I said while returning him to his Pokeball.

I then threw out Tyoge's ball, "GO GET EM BUDDY" she came out, hyped up and ready to fight. "uhh Boss, why did you choose her? I've been in more fights than she has, my rival was a fire type, A MAGBY, come on. I looked at him, "when comparing you guys in the Dex'. I saw that the egg where Machop hatched from is from off in Hoenn, in a little town called Lavaridge, so she's used to uneven terrain, even if she doesn't know it. "True to my word when I went to the young Machop "DYNAMIC PUNCH, GO" she responded instantly, running over the uneven ground and using it to build momentum, so when she finally landed her hit, it clearly resonated throughout the stage. Striking Marcargo so hard, he literally tumbled before giving a loud cry of defeat. Tyoge cheered herself and pumped her fist up. "come back here buddy. I'll have Mikey handle the next match. "While our conversation was going on, the arena was being reverted back to its original form. "listen, Oscar, I don't want to cheat you out of this battle, but can we make this go a little bit faster, the guy I'm looking, he's a brother to me." I looked at him in the eyes as he said this "When he left 6 years ago, it crushed both of us, Misty and I, I mean. We tried every way we could to find him, speaking with his mom, going to the Professor, even his old rival. But no luck. And now Misty says she knows where he is, some trainer named Ethan says he faced a super strong trainer on Mount Silver. We both somehow knew, no she's gone and I… I" tears were shedding by this point "Red was my brother, Misty was my sister, those two were the only things making my Gym life bearable. All the stress, knowing people look up to you, as a symbol of power. Trying to be your dad both at home and at work. "He soon realized his meltdown and wiped his tears away "sorry about that, kinda went a little overboard. So now it's time for Pupi" he was about to say, but I cut him off with a sharp hand "no, I understand more than you know what it's like to lose someone, so I can see where you're coming from. If you feel this is what you need to do, do it. First things first however. "I got out my Pokegear and held it to him "if you ever need a friend, don't forget to shoot me a text" I said smiling. He smiled the biggest, toothiest grin I ever did see, shook my hand fiercely and said "ok, Oscar, but first, you at least beat Marcargo, very few manage to beat him without a type advantage. So you deserve the official Boulder Badge" He then went over to the arms of the Throne and pressed a button, three things shot out of the center of the arena. One was a case of Boulder Badges. Another was a set of TM DVDs, and a 3rd final one off to the side contained an Egg. "here's your badge, a TM for your help with the Onix incident, and finally this Egg from one of my old Pokémon, as a way of apologizing for all of this confusion." He said, as I opened my Tm case, Badge case, and the Egg Holster Nurse Joy gave me. With each item snugly in place. I stepped outside of the Pewter Gym "good luck finding Red" I said, giving him a wave. He waved back happy to go off on the search for his best friend.

Ok some quick notes
1.)In the games the No Guard ability ensures all moves WILL hit, whether they be from the Pokémon itself or the opponent, I'm just going to make the ability increase damage of the user's attacks, however, other moves are insanely more powerful. This will create a unique tension that I have an idea on how to work with.

2.) Another thing I'm changing is the Knock Off attack, in this context, it can block any one ranged projectile, something like an Energy Ball, or Water Pulse, not a physical move or a longer attack, like a Thunder Bolt, or a Cross Chop.

3.) Also worth mentioning is the translator. Why it works on Oscar's Pokémon and not on Thomas' or Brock's is because it's something like an earpiece which can understand when a certain Pokémon is confirmed to be Oscar's Pokémon. It works on Blastoise because of the fact that Oscar has formed a bond strong enough to be applied into the earpiece through his promise.

4.) The fight was only a 1-1 battle because I wanted to flesh out how I wanted the Gym's to work in this story. I felt I was taking up way too much time writing this, so I wanted to go on ahead to other things.

Tyrouge (Mikey): Steadfast. Mach punch, tackle, counter, Feint. [male]

Machop: (Tyoge) No guard. Dynamic Punch, bulk up, pound, Knock Off. [Female]

Rhyhorn (Colossus) Lightning rod: horn attack, rock tomb. Stone Edge[Male]

Blastoise (temporary)