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Oscar's Kanto Quest: Oscar's Kanto Quest ep.5 the Meccha

by Masterofmalor

Masterofmalor The story of Oscar and his best friend Mikey as they journey through Kanto like you’ve never seen it before (originally a reupload from Fanfiction.net)
As we explored Pewter City, I got a strange feeling of emptiness, that there was nothing here. The architecture sure helped… As instead of the vibrant tress and grasses I was used to from Viridian and Pallet, there was instead large stone towers and monoliths, with only a small garden near the center. The real problem was, for a city, there was next to nobody around ,those who did I see were all walking around nervously, as if trying to escape, constantly reaching down towards the ground, as if there sensing something. I threw out my Pokémon and decided to head to a nearby route to train " hey guys, alright so sense Brock uses –" I was cut off by Colossus saying something " the ground, its uneven, something's wrong, somethings down there… AND ITS HEADING UP!" was all he managed before the ground seemed to rip open, and something came out.

It was unlike any Pokémon I met at Oak's lab, if it even was that. This thing looked like an Onix, but with a much greyer look to it, darker than the color of the buildings (which I know were colored after Onix's skin tone.) and it seemed more… planned, as if every move was a calculation. It's a robot. I realized suddenly, as the plan was not to defeat it, but to get away from it. "Blastoise, use a Hydro Pump to get this thing distracted, Rhyhorn, hop on Mikey and get out here. We were beaten to the punch however, as a Sandstorm sent the serpent recoiling, running back into its burrow. I then looked to the direction of the Sandstorm, and saw a Kabutops, Commanding it was Brock saying with a voice of anger "I'll get you back, Onix."

He ran over to me and quickly checked me for any sort of weapons "you ok? No damage from the Meccha?" he quickly inspected the ground ensuring there were no signs of the Onix returning. "Yeah we're all good" I said "what's this about a Meccha?" Brock gave a look of pity and said "you just got here didn't you? Well here's the gist, that Meccha is an Onix which has been supped up by the Rockets and has been making sure Trainers, myself included stay out of the nearby routes, you probably got in during one of its attacks." I asked a question, I'll admit, very rudely "why haven't you stopped it yet, I'm sure you can corner that thing" his face got very serious and said "because that "thing" is my old partner, my gift for my 10th birthday." He then looked down "the only thing that keeps Onix at bay were Sandstorms, I never knew why. Well anyways, come on, the Gym is the only safehouse we have at the moment, Onix knows there's far too many Pokémon to mess with." We then walked on, always making sure the ground beneath us, wasn't going to be the end of us.

When we reached the Gym, after having a quick conversation, he seemed like much more of an idol to me, I remember watching him participate in the PWT of Rock Type master, and being one of the most powerful members. We then saw several Campers sigh gratefully "oh thank Arceus your back, we heard there was another attack and-"he was cut off by an abrupt hand as Brock said simply "get the kid inside, I have an announcement" they quickly searched me, gave a nod and the Gym doors opened. Letting me inside. When we entered, the building consisted of humongous stone monuments, which had an eerie resemblance to gravestones. A final one, right next to an onyx (the rock) throne, was one of an Onix (the Pokémon) Brock sat down on the throne and raised a hand, pronouncing with the voice of a natural leader "LISTEN UP EVERYONE!" he then went on "for almost a month now, this Meccha has been attacking us, the Rockets stole my best friend and turned it into our worst enemy. Now however, I have an idea" the audience looked on at Brock's words "I'm going to draw it out to attack, send it recoiling with Kabutops, then I'll go after it in the caves." I started to understand where he was going with this but I didn't speak up, I was rude enough to him "thanks to our seismic-sensors" he then gestured to a Larvatar, Golem and a Lunatone "we've been able to decipher that after all attacks, the Meccha returns to one single location, this can be assumed as the Rockets base. I'm taking the fight to them, so I'll have to be gone for a little bit" he then pointed to a boy at his right "Forrest, you're in charge" the boy jumped up for joy as Brock walked out towards the entrance of the Gym. I then said what I did before even realizing it "I'm coming with you" and walked up to him, extending my hand. He then gave me a smiled and muttered "just like him" and took it, shaking it with a firm grip. All we needed now, was to get Onix out here, luckily, that was solved easily.

The Meccha roared to life as it came from the ground, Kabutops was ready, and launched a Sandstorm directly at the wiring corrupting the creature. He then shot a series of Rock Blasts and went back underground. "Mikey" I called, and he responded, using his speed to punch the rocks into each other. Once the debris settled, Brock then rushed into the hole dug by the Meccha, as I followed suit. We then reached the lower levels of Pewter, brilliant tunnels, full of glittering crystals and rock formations. He paid then no heed however, and pressed on with diligence, I however stopped when noticing something, Rocket Grunts. They were in the surrounding area, patrolling, possibly aware of our arrival. I was about to relay my plans of stealth to Brock, using Kabutops as I distraction, when I heard a slight crack. I then heard it again, louder Brock looked at me quizzically as I then put 2 and 2 together the egg I shuddered internally, and tried to best cover it up , but I was too late, a bright flash surrounded me, and out came a Machop, screaming its battle cry "HI YAHH" it puffed proudly. I had a brief moment of happiness, but it was soon soiled on when several Arbok came straight towards us. Followed by a platoon of Rocket guards, followed by 1 mysterious admin who upon their reveal, Blastoise shouted and launched a Hydro Pump at the admin screaming " FOR ROSE!" the admin side stepped it and sent out HIS Pokémon, a Hypno, "Blastoise, go get em'" he smiled and said " it's payback time" and Aqua Jetted over to the Hypno I said I then looked to Brock " go save Onix, I'll take care of these punks" He smiled and seemed to wipe what may have been a tear from his eye, or slant, whatever, and ran off. I then gestured to Mikey and Colossus "alright boys, let's give em' havoc."

I then saw Mikey look to Machop, who was watching him with utter amazement "hey, guess I got a fangirl eh?" he said to me jokingly" well, who can't love a super strong Tyrouge. ""Ty…tyoge?" Machop muttered "TYOGE" she said pointing to herself. Mikey then smiled the biggest grin I've ever seen. "That's her name, she is Tyoge, and it's who she wants to be" I can tell that through that smug grin, he was proud to be an idol to someone. "Tyoge, you'll have to sit this one out, I don't want you getting hurt, ok?" she pouted but listened none the less. The team then decided to form a wall around me, closing off the exit to Brock "ok guys the goal here is to give Brock enough time to bring Onix back, so just hold them off" I said pulling off a stalagmite (the one that grows on the floor) and waved it around a little, thanks to some training from Brawly, I was able to lift it with no major issues. Why am I doing this you ask? Well despite it being against League rules, I'm going to more personally involve myself in this battle.

Mikey and Colossus lead the frontal charge, with me picking up any spares with my make-shift club. Thankfully, in his rampage, Blasty managed to take out quite a few Arbok with high powered water blasts. We proceeded to then cause as much damage as possible but there was simply too many, and while they were untrained and pretty much wild without any form of coordination, they still had the evolution on us, as well as their sheer size. Thank Arceus no one's been poisoned I thought to myself, as I then sidestepped an Iron tail attack and gave a quick thrust towards its sender. The Arbok recoiled and was knocked out, however I sensed it was just a distraction as 2 Arbok managed to get past us, I ran over, with speed I didn't even know I had, and threw the stone towards the 2 Arbok in line, and it fell into the 1st one, unable to support its weight. I then ran over to retrieve my weapon, but it was coated in the acidic skin of the viper, and I wouldn't want to be poisoned, thankfully, my call came in the form of a large Onix rushing through the caves, I managed to grab my team and shove them into a nearby alcove out of the way of its powerful slaughter. I then came to the conclusion that it was hopefully Brock's, and my hypothesis was confirmed when I heard his voice give a single shrill tone towards the admin, who was unarmed and his Pokémon was defeated by Blastoise "you're going to leave this place, and a password to all of the computers and technology, and never come back… do you understand" he finished, his Onix coiling behind him with a very similar expression. The Admin quickly wrote something down on a piece of paper and ran off, shouting "RETREAT" to all of his forces.

As the Rockets cleared up, we then decided to investigate the area a little more thoroughly, I then came across something particularly interesting. A stone, shining in a powerful flame, as what appeared to be a single magnificent jewel in the center, Brock then smiled "go ahead take it, a Fire Stone, which usually are only able to be formed under the intense pressure of Cinnabar Island, but I guess we have a lot of exploring to do, but first" we then walked upwards to the entrance of the mine, still left by the Meccha. We were met with a chorus of fans ranging from young to old, as it seems the entire Pewter City population gathered to see our triumphant return to the surface. Brock then stepped out, waving a hand and saying "thank you, thank you, however there is one I would like to congratulate, Oscar for his sacrifice, sure he didn't get the glory of defeating the Meccha, but thanks to him, I was able to save my best friend and the city I loved, and for that I give you this." He then pulled out a grey badge with a simple rock design on it "here you are, a pristine, freshly minted Boulder Badge" I then pushed it away and said with a sort of determination in my voice "Save it for when I challenge you" he then smiled and said, with a sort of fire in his eyes "Then I suggest you train your new Machop, I want you to be at your strongest."

Whew that was longer than expected, now before we continue, I have 1 quick note I wish to make, so you guys want to see Brock or Blastoise's parts of the story, I wanted to include them, but this chapter got much larger than usual. So with that being said, may the light of malor flow through you

The team (so far)
Tyrouge (Mikey): Steadfast. Mach punch, tackle, counter [male]
Machop: (Tyoge) No guard. Dynamic Punch, bulk up, pound. [Female]
Rhydon (Colossus) Lightning rod: horn attack, rock tomb. [Male]

(Temporary) Blastoise.