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Oscar's Kanto Quest: Oscar's Kanto Quest ep.4 : Battle of the Forest part 2

by Masterofmalor

Masterofmalor The story of Oscar and his best friend Mikey as they journey through Kanto like you’ve never seen it before (originally a reupload from Fanfiction.net)
As soon as the start of the battle was announced, Blastoise went at it, launching a Hydro Pump followed by a Rapid Spin, the water-type energy creating a ring around him. I had Mikey and Colossus watch, for research purposes. Arcanine was able to respond with a quick side dash and came back with a Flare Burst, which was countered by the water shield but it still obviously took a toll on Blastoise. He roared in annoyance and quickly shot out blast after blast of pressurized water, each one narrowly avoiding Arcanine. However 1 last shot hit him hard in his stomach, and he kneeled over in pain, Blastoise was preparing a Hydro pump to deal the final blow, but it seemed like Arcanine had a contingency plan. He quickly threw up what looked like a ball of light, and a strong radiant heat went throughout the arena. It appears this Arcanine knew Sunny Day, which was followed by a powerful Solar Beam. So Arcanine is a more strategic fighter, while Blastoise is relying on type advantage. I kept my eyes on the battle as then something truly horrifying happened, at least to me. Blastoise launched a single Water Pulse, trying to get some sort of damage, but Arcanine hit it with a Knock Off and it was sent flying, straight into me. The water quickly enveloped me, drowning me and sending me into the murky blackness.

Oh please no, please not again. I cried, but thankfully I saw Mikey's hand enter the bubble and pull me out by the scruff of the neck. "Th—anks" I managed, before seeing another powerful explosion, Arcanine noticed this and cried out something, with Blastoise responding, I looked over to the Nurse who was sitting nearby and she ran and got the translator. She then set it to something I never saw before, a long range beacon that transmitted to all Pokémon nearby, or at least that's what I think happened, I then heard Blastoise scream " Who cares about the human, he's only been relocating our fight, he should've known he'd get caught in the cross-fire" Arcanine seemed to counter that with this "but, in the process saved the forest and millions of bystanders, as a person who believes in power to the people, you should want them to be ALIVE wouldn't you?" he smirked as another Hydro Pump was shot, however , Blastoise was far too enraged to take precise aim, and missed completely. "THE ROCKETS DON'T PAY ME ENOUGH FOR THIS!" he shouted, releasing blast after blast of water. "The rockets?!" I remembered the name faintly from some news reports about a reformation of a terrorist organization a few years back, before I even moved to Kanto. "Blastoise, what do you mean by the Rockets?" I asked, he then looked stunned "oh shit, how can you hear me" he then saw Nurse Joy holding the translator. "RUN JOY!" I screamed pushing her down into the Center as Blastoise charged at us, spinning back into his Rapid Spin.

I tried to brace myself for this brutal attack, but thankfully, a rock tomb blocked Blastoise from hatted me "thanks Colossus" I muttered, he growled smugly "yeah, don't mention it" I forgot the translator was still on, and quickly grabbed it and took Joy as well as the other Pokémon inside, this was my idea, and I'm going to see the outcome. "Blastoise..." I said "you got some explaining to do... why are you a Rocket?" he looked at me before sighing and taking a breath " ya know why, cause they were gonna get my Trainer outta their own little hellhole, he saved me from horrible people, bout time I returned the favor" he shouted with an obvious sense of determination " and the only way there busting him out is if I clear this place for the Rockets to set up a base to try and sabotage the old gym, for supplies." He started to show a clear weakness in his voice "its cause of the Rockets I was in that pit, but… I gotta do it, for her... Dammit Rose" he started to tear up a little, I then knew my course "Blast…" I said "where are they hiding her." Blastoise looked at me "there's no way you're gonna get her, not soon anyways, she's cooped up in Celadon, in some warehouse, the guy's Hypno used Amnesia on me." I got out a Pokeball, and he seemed to get my meaning "your saying I come with you?" I looked at him dead on and said "yes absolutely… I'm not asking you help us in any Gym Battles or anything, I want to prove my own strength, but when we meet the Rockets, that'll be your cue." He nodded once and said "you realize, I'm already caught right?" and chuckled softly. I realized my blunder and said simply "then I hope you don't mind a little walking." We seemed to reach a consensus, but I felt as though something bigger was going to happen, a strong bond would be formed, and this Pokémon was the link.

I went to Arcanine and said "Blastoise is coming with me, and you, should keep an eye out for this symbol." I showed him the Rocket logo on my Pokegear. He nodded once and walked off, a symbol of strength returning to his people. I smiled and Blastoise said smugly "we better have a rematch." We then went to Nurse Joy as I explained the situation returning the translator, while Blastoise explained to Colossus and Mikey that he'll be staying with us for a while. Nurse Joy chuckled a bit when I finished and said "you always were a good mediator. Now give me your Pokegear." I handed it over, expecting her to give me her # (what can I say, I was cocky) but instead a new app was on it called TRANSLATOR "It works as long as the phone is on" she said "now go have fun!" she said. I thanked her repeatedly for giving me some extra voices to talk to, and be able to respond back.

As a team we trekked through the Forest, making a note of seeing Arcanine. And we reach Pewter City, "welp" I said to my current team "here we are, the city of stone" I said, a new chapter ready to unfold.

well that's all for now, I wanted to get this one out there so I could have a few more personalities for Oscar to work with, and just to try and get a little bit of depth to our cast. So with that let the light of malor flow through you

the team so far
Tyrouge (Mikey): Steadfast. Mach punch, tackle, counter

Egg: (given by Nurse Joy)

Rhyhorn (Colossus): horn attack, rock tomb.

Temp (Blastoise)