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Oscar's Kanto Quest: Oscar's Kanto Quest ep.3 : The Battle of the Forest

by Masterofmalor

Masterofmalor The story of Oscar and his best friend Mikey as they journey through Kanto like you’ve never seen it before (originally a reupload from Fanfiction.net)
ROUTE 1: 5:38 PM
So far, our journey has been fun, we've seen some Pokémon, but none yet that I really need to catch. We've stopped off at a small wood and I've decided to make myself a quick dinner and have Mikey and Rhyhorn get to know each other. While they were playing, I caught a glimpse of my apartment back in Viridian. I swore I would make a quick run to get supplies and then press on, the temptation was killing me no I said to myself you're not coming back till you've at least reached the Indigo League. "C'mon guys," I shouted "let's keep up the pace." They nodded and soon our merry little band kept on our trek to Viridian. We passed it with a brisk pace, Mikey seemed to understand why I kept going and followed suit, I didn't even look at the mighty Indigo league building, I've already seen it enough.

We reached the entrance of Viridian Forest and I instantly went in, only to be met by a Spinarak dwindling from a web and scaring me. I fell back and into some grass, thank Arceus it wasn't a Weedle. We tried to go through but there were far too many bugs and webs, maybe its migration? I then grabbed a nearby stick, and began hacking at the nearby webs and brush, making precautions not to hit a Pokémon along the way. What surprised me was how, about half way through the forest, all the webs suddenly stopped, what I did feel, however was much more humidity, I then wished for the coolness of the previous section, but what caught my eye was this. A Blastoise standing in a clearing of the forest, launching hydro cannons at an unknown target. When I got closer, I was met with a large blast of fire, and shrill cry "ARCANINE!" the roar shook the forest and trees fell from series of claw strikes from the feral beast. It was retaliated by a head-butt from Blastoise which missed and he then slammed into a tree, causing it to fall and strike the ground next to me. Then seeing the most powerful clash between the two, a hydro pump and a flamethrower, the water evaporating from the heat. I then understood the sudden increase in the webs, these two were fighting each other and the damages hurt possibly killed some of these bug types. So they've fled to the entrance, but judging by the speed at which they fight, they'll eventually reach the city, and Officer Jenny will have to …

" we have to stop this" I said to Colossus and Mikey. The two nodded and were about to run over to try and fight them "not like THAT, you'll get seriously injured. We have to get them to settle this dispute somewhere else, so that the Bug-types won't be injured anymore." I ran over to them both yelling "STOPP" they turned at me, both positioned to blast me, if I said anything wrong. "I can understand why you two need to fight, your apex predators, but this is not the place to do it. All of the bug types have moved to the entrance and are starting to get themselves in the city. If you guys want to fight, do it IN THE POKEMON CENTER OF VIRIDIAN CITY" they both looked at each other, nodded and roared with all of their might " this will settle this dispute of yours …permanently…got it?" they once again had a look of pure determination which showed they would hold no quarter.
I ran to the Pokémon Center, to give them all a warning, and to borrow a translator. This year, Silph Co. released a translation device to put around Pokémon's necks. I never was able to afford one, and several have been given to all the Nurse Joys in the world. She only allows us to use them in strict emergencies, I'm guessing she'll understand. "Nurse ... NURSE" I cried out, she responded with the usual greeting "hello welcome to the Pokémon center, would" she then saw the panic on my face. "What happened?!" I quickly relayed the situation to her, and she shuddered internally, maybe there was more to her than meets the eye. She gave me a translator and sent me off to try and settle the mayhem.

The 1st to arrive was Arcanine, striding in powerful and like a true king. I placed the translator on him and turned it on, "Arcanine " I said "can you please tell me what the problem is in between you and Blastoise" Arcanine reared his head, as if he was bowing " I do not know why he attacks me so ferociously, sir… I left due to it being our mating season, and when I returned he was here and told me it was "HIS" territory. I was living in these lands far longer than he, and if he were here to start a shelter, I would gladly support him, but he has taken himself to too high a position." He finished his soliloquy with the elegance and style of a noble "now if you'll excuse me, I wish to hear what Blastoise has to say" he nodded understanding and said "do what you must, I understand justice can only be provided if both sides are known" he then reverted to his native tounge as I detached the collar from around his neck and went over to Blastoise. "WHAT DID HE DO, I'LL TELL YOU WHAT HE DID" he roared as soon as I placed the collar on him "HE THINKS THAT HIS STATUS AS A KING, HE SHOULD HAVE ALL OF THIS LAND!? WELL ITS MINE NOW" he cried out, shooting his cannons high into the air. I soon took the collar off and ran to give it back to Nurse Joy. When I arrived she was eagerly awaiting what I has to say, and while I explained she seemed to be writing something on a pad "so we've got a 'goody 2 shoes' and an anarchist. The question is, who is right?"

She and I pondered this until the time had come. I went outside and the two were already in their positions "OK YOU TWO" I called out. "THIS BATTLE WILL DETERMINE WHO IS TRULY CORRECT, THE LOSER WILL HAVE TO REMOVE THEIR CLAIM, IF IT IS ARCANINE, AND THEN BLASTOISE IS KING, IF IT IS BLASTOISE, HE WILL STILL BE ABLE TO LIVE IN THE FOREST, BUT UNDER STRICT PAROLE, NOW LET US BEGIN!" With that single shout the two behemoths rushed at each other with all of their strength, Arcanine being coated in flame and seeming to speed up, while Blastoise began to spin in his shell as a ring of energy surrounded him. The impact was staggering, and with that collision, the battle of the Forest has begun.

Hey guys sorry about the cliffhanger, I just got Pokémon Yellow on the Eshop and am probs going to be binge playing it for a little bit, so I'll work on this a bit at a time. With that said, may the light of malor flow through you.

The team (so far)

Tyrouge (Mikey): Steadfast. Mach punch, tackle, counter

Egg (given by Nurse Joy):

Rhyhorn (Colossus): lighting rod. Horn attack, rock tomb.