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Oscar's Kanto Quest: Oscar's Kanto Quest ep.2 : Fun on the reserve

by Masterofmalor

Masterofmalor The story of Oscar and his best friend Mikey as they journey through Kanto like you've never seen it before (originally a reupload from Fanfiction.net)
ROUTE 1: 1:45 PM
It's a brand new day, Mikey woke up a few hours ago and has been doing some training, we stopped smack dab in the middle of route 1 and I was walking when I came to the realization oh god I realized I just left home to go on a journey, I'm never coming back! I started to crumble and fell to the floor, Mikey came running over, showing his obvious concern "Ty ty..." he muttered I patted his hand and said "sorry kinda lost it, actually know that I think about it, we should go tell Prof. Oak we're going off on a journey, and no Mikey it's not so I can see Lisa again" I ended the statement, hiding the obvious blush. We ran back to Pallet planning our route as so we didn't have to encounter Lisa's house and reached the lab, the lab I've spent years in studying and training with Pokémon, friends that Mikey made when I left him here for a day to plan his surprise party. With these happy memories in mind, I opened the door.

"Why hello there Oscar" Oak said welcoming me back and reaching for my hand "want to help back in the reserve?" he asked. Recently, Oak has had me help out with feeding and playing with some of the Wild Pokémon he finds and I've accepted it graciously. "Sorry sir" I say "I can't, I'm going off on a journey!" I state with firmness in mind " and don't worry about giving me a starter, I've got Mikey to have my back" I said, Mikey giving his fist bump salute in response "well maybe I can't give you a starter, but I can give you this" he says and gives me… a set of 10 Pokeballs, plus 1 great ball "and something else too" he says leading me towards his reserve "I'll let you catch a Pokémon here on the ranch, just make sure it isn't TOO powerful ,wouldn't want to give you an unfair advantage now would we" he said giving me that smile of pure joy and merriment. I hugged him as thanks and went off into the reserve, maybe I'll catch that Pidgey I played with the other day, or maybe the Dwebble, he's really been here since the day I started volunteering. I kept pondering what I would catch, but then something caught my eye, a flock of Tailow, which Oak never had any of (to my knowledge at least) attacking a single Pokémon, "Mikey, mach punch em' out of here" I said and had Mikey scatter them all out with his signature speedy spike and hit one of the Tailow and I then found who they were attacking, a Rhyhorn. Which was larger than any Rhydon I've ever seen. For example Instead of its usual 3 ft. height, this one was reaching to just about my waist and at my 5' 10 height , I'm going to say placed it at 4' 5' and it was much thicker ( as in it looked more solid) than the other Rhyhorns in the area. I went to check if it was ok but then it reared back and charged, but not at me, at the flock returning for seconds of Rhyhorn, with me as a side dish.

"MIKEY, TACKLE" I shouted and the faithful Tyrouge charged into the nearest bird. I went to Rhyhorn and began to look it in the eye and sprayed it with a Potion " listen Rhyhorn, the only way any of us are getting out of this is if I give you the orders so you can focus on battle, got it?" I asked and he nodded. Getting in a battle stance, then launched a series of stones at the opposing horde, the stones trapping a section of the horde and blocking them off "nice rock tomb" I remarked and told him to charge into the nearby Tailow. We continued this cycle, Mikey tackling and punching nearby foes, Rhyhorn providing him cover and charging into enemies near Mikey. I was providing what little help I could, getting the Tailow to get close and be met with a swift tackle or horn.

Their numbers seemed to be dwindling and I couldn't find any other birds left. Then it happened, A Tailow, shiny in fact, came and charged at Rhyhorn, wings glowing and then being seemingly coated in steel. "Rhyhorn" I cried and ran over to him, I knew he wouldn't be fast enough so I took the most rational option, I ran in front of Tailow and tackled it, although it more so tackled me...hard. I was sent to the ground and I couldn't move, I heard the cries of Mikey and Rhyhorn and they seemed to be agreeing on something, and I guess the plan worked, because next thing I heard was a Tailow cry followed by Mikey riding Rhyhorn over to me and extending a hand. I accepted it and began to limp towards the lab (I know I know drama queen.)When we reached the lab, Oak ran over and told his aides to get some Band-Aids for me and potions for the Pokémon. "What were you thinking?!" he questioned. I simply smiled and said "that that Rhyhorn needed my help, even if he really didn't"

After we all were healed up and ready, Oak decided to send me back out to the reserve "sorry Professor but I think I know who's coming with me on this journey" I answered and turned to Rhyhorn "would ya like to come with us on a journey little guy?" I asked, his response was clearly yes and 5 seconds later I was on the floor being licked to death by a giant rock type (not the most pleasant feeling.)I then threw the Pokeball and it shook and glowed with ease, signifying the capture. "What should we name you?" I wondered, "Let's go Rhyhorn" I threw him out and he roared with power. "What's a good name for you...?" I pondered then it hit me like a ton of bricks, as in Rhyhorn that is. Oak chuckled lightly and , judging from my expression, he knew I was surprised at his abnormal size " he came from the Colossi Valley in the Barce region, Pokémon there are much larger than normal, due to the fact that ores in the area produce the same chemicals as in our supplements like Rare Candies, Proteins, Carbos etcetera." I then has a lightbulb go off in my head "that's it, Rhyhorn how does Colossus sound?" Colossus nodded and shouted "RY, HORN!" showing his approval. "There's a good boy" I cooed petting his large and bumpy back (descriptions at their finest)

We left the lab soon after, one of Oak's aids gave us a Potion and the other gave us a repel if we needed it. Then we reached it once again, the entrance to Route 1, a large bronze gate covered the entrance with words in the Unknown language spelling out " follow the Red steps" I decided to take the advice and set off promptly . Throwing my team out, even the Egg I went to them and cried " ARE YOU READY GUYS" the two responded with the power of an army. " LETS GO!" returning Rhyhorn to his ball and Tyrouge setting himself up on my back ( think Tiny Tim) and we walked towards adventure, fame , despair, glory and everything a good journey entails, care to see what we mean?

welp , there goes chapter 2, hopefully of many more to come, I don't really have much to say here except this little note, When it says Tyrouge setting himself up, I mean to say like how Bob Cratchit and Scrooge carry Tiny Tim in Christmas Carol. Check a picture to better understand. With that said this is the master of malor and may its light flow through you

the team (so far)

Tyrouge (Mikey): Steadfast. Mach punch, tackle, counter


Rhyhorn (Colossus): horn attack, rock tomb.