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Origin of Kyu and Adrian Part one:seeing her again

by Kyu Gardevoir

Kyu Gardevoir This is a origin story for "Pokémon High school" for Adrian and kyu and how they first started
It all started when Adrian created his first invention
Adrian was a smart kid,he usually got the best in class and was always the smartest one,but most girls didn't really look or talk to him so he was not good when it comes to girls even though he wasn't really a introvert or extrovert he was more or less a mixed person he was a tall 5'10 boy and he was 16 when he was in eleventh grade,he usually wore dark clothes that matched with his black hair and usually likes to keep things simple,he usually wore a black T shirt and some jeans,he lived in a basic apartment that pretty much described him,only barley having enough to eat and he was a single child and his parents almost payed no mind to him other than a quick "hey son" or such,that may be due to his fault,he usually kept to himself so maybe it's his fault they don't pay much attention to him, he did kept himself busy with his Pokémon,he captured quite a lot of them over a few years of being at trainer but he decided to go to school instead of just being a trainer but he still kept his Pokémon,only they truly understood his nature and they loved him as much as he loved them

Then that is when he met her again,it was during a lesson in genetics in highschool since he aced and loved that subject very much and thought of growing up to be a scientist
She was obviously a popular kid,not those stuck up,queen hoes he has always seen but she looked like a really cute and genuine girl,she looked like she blushed a lot which further shot up her cuteness,she wore denim shorts with a red fuzzy jacket,Adrian could have sworn he remembered her,but she had short cute long hair that only reached just below her shoulders,she had red colored eyes and he debated on whether or not they were natural

He knew he didn't have a chance with her so he decided to only ignore her,most girls usually picked on him because of his stutter he has when he's next to girls anyways
Then she decided to sit beside him after a lot of people were trying to flirt with her and she ignored them. She looked on to him and He looked in her eyes and saw the most beautiful set of eyes he has ever seen, and she looked at him rather confused "ummm see something ya like?" she giggled while Adrian's face became red and he started stuttering "u-ummm well y-you see H-hehe" he said as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly when all of a sudden a voice broke through the room "attention class!! I would like to introduce our newest student that moved here,trucy please introduce yourself" he said while she stood up nervously for a second and looked to Adrian and he weakly gave her a thumbs up "ah come on what is wrong with you man?! Now she thinks you have a thing for her" he yelled in his mind and the girl stood "u-umm my names trucy faraday,I uhh moved here to alola all the way from California, Los angelas, but I was born there and lived there for a few years and then I was brought here at the age of 7,we saw how prestigious this school is and I wanted to join this class since I enjoy genetics" she said as she sat down and the professor cleared his threat "ah yes you did quite well ms.faraday" he said and she blushed "oh it's nothing professor" she said

During the lesson Adrian wasn't really paying attention for once and only stared at trucy from the side,she was paying attention to the teacher and she was writing some notes while he daydreamed about her "ohh my god she is so perfect! Her clothes are great her face is great and the way she casually flicks her brown hair back just makes m-" all of a sudden a loud bang was heard and he suddenly jolted up and fell out of his chair while a lot of people started laughing at him,the professor hit his desk with a ruler "Mr. corona! Out of all of my students I would have never even amused the thought of you slouching and daydreaming,now since this is your first time,I'll just give you a warning" he said and Adrian's face was red when trucys hand extended to his and she was giggling a bit "here lemme help you up,your alright?" She said as he nodded and held her hand.....he could have sworn he remembered something like this....why was her offering her hand to him so familiar? He stood up and brought his chair up with him "her hands are so smooth!" He yelled in his mind and trucy smiled at him "that was funny,try not to daydream mr. corona" she said playfully,playfully punching his shoulder and he chuckled sheepishly "y-yeah hehe" he said

As the day went on he noticed that she had his algrebra and his art 2 class,and his gym class so he got to see her almost all day

when he went home,he gave his quick "hey" to his mom and went outside and took out a few poke balls and got out his blazeiken named blaze (original right? Hah) and his aiegslash,he started talking to them about the girl he met and his blaziken gave a smirk and nudged him while Adrian yelled "I-I don't like her like that I just met her! She is umm just a friend" he said while his blaziken gave a shrug while aegslash was just rubbing the ribbon along Adrian's hair

After a hour or so outside with his Pokémon,he decided to start his homework,it was a breeze so he decided to go online and check to see if his online friends are on facebook (yeah he has bad taste,he doesn't have any other social media so he doesn't know) and unfortunately they arnt,as he began to log off a notification came on and he saw a message that said "hey...arnt you that kid who fell in genetic class? Hey Adrian XD, I love your background" it said and it was from A-Wild-Dark-Haired-Gardevoir
Adrian's face heated up slightly and he typed back "arnt you the girl who blushes to almost anything? XD love your name" he typed and after a minute or so he got a message back "shut uuuuppp >~< heheh,well I gotta go,we should start messaging,your a cool guy,plus you haven't been flirting with me all the time like SOME people (thank god) so your a cool dude in my book,ok I gtg,dinner, bye bye ^u^" she typed and Adrian let out a goofy grin in real life,after years of girls ignoring him,his prayers have FINNALY been answered! Wait a minute he had to ask her something and fast "wait a minute I need to tell you something" he typed to her and a few minutes passed before she typed back "yyeeesss? :v",he then typed "don't I remember you from somewhere...?" He typed and she didn't respond for a few minutes,he thought she left and almost got up to leave before she typed back "I remember you,it took till after school to remember you but I do,remember I helped you against those bullies in third grade?" She typed and he all of a sudden got a flood of memories
He got shoved down to the concrete floor by a guy with his three lackeys beside him "hehe twerp,let's knock the bones outta ya this time,you guys ready?" He said and the guys smirked and nodded and they began picking him up "h-hey!! L-let me go!" He said struggling a bit and then got hit in the stomach,losing his breath "alright guys let's throw him off the slide!" He said as they carried him up the stairs and began swinging him,they were five feet from the ground but to Adrian it was a hundred feet "g-guys no this is crazy!!" He said while the guys ignored him "alright guys on the count of three we let the dork fly,three TWO......ONE....FLY" they all yelled in unison and he was thrown off the slide,he closed his eyes expecting to hit the ground but then he realized someone caught him and he looked up and saw a young fourth grader,who caught him and she was staring down the bullies "hey jerks!! Leave the kid alone,unless if you want a repeat of last time" she said and she put Adrian down and she cracked her knuckles while the bullies started shaking "u-u-ummm w-we were just messing a-around trucy no need to b-be" the tallest guy said and Trudy glared at him "then leave!" She yelled and the guys started running to the opposite side of the playground,Trucy then held out her hand to Adrian "hey are you ok?" She said smiling to him and Adrian's face heated up slightly "y-yeah,thanks,m-my names Adrian,w-what's yours?" He said and she smiled with a cute blush on her face "names Trucy,if they mess with you again I'll be right there ready to kick there butts ok?" She said and he smiled rubbing the back of his head "y-yeah ok t-thanks" he said while she grabbed his hand and she dragged him along with her
Now he remembered why her offering him her hand was so familiar to him
"Hey Adrian? Dinners ready" yelled his dad while he yelled back downstairs "coming dad!" He said and he quickly typed "i gtg,we'll talk tommorow,thanks I remember you :)" he then ran downstairs and ate his meal,after an hour of small talk he went upstairs and later in his bed staring at her profile" she really likes gardevoirs huh? They are pretty cute,and there cool too,there anatomy interests me" he said as he yawned,he then turned off his computer and slept on his bed,he couldn't wait till tommorow
Ooc (I'll be writing more of this story later,see ya guys)
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