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My Ocs: Ori ref sheet

by Willow Tree

Willow Tree I haven't drawn a ref sheet in forever and it wasn't as easy as it was before. I tried to keep it neat and organized without any awkward spots. >>_>>

Forced myself to be productive all day and I'm finally done (I hope) hhhhhhhhh--my neck is suffering
It took me too long to draw all of this, and that is without shading and all that fancy shenanigans.
The weapons are mostly there because I needed to fill the corner with something or else it'll be empty. I did a lot of last-minute changes too, it was painful.

At this point, my brain is rotting so I have no idea how to continue this description, but I do want to mention before I forget again, that every time I post art on pokecharms, I look forward to every meme-worthy comments from a certain kirby avatar user. You know who you are. uwu
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  2. Willow Tree
    Jul 22, 2021
    ThAtGuY101 likes this.
  3. MystiThePerson
    wow cool
    Jul 21, 2021
    Willow Tree likes this.
  4. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    @Midnight Heart I also really like long hair boys, I can't draw short hairs without making it look plain. :p

    @RenzFlintrock Thank you!!! There were a lot of copy-paste involved.

    @Gamingfan I can make an entire school presentation on why you're the funniest meme commenter on pokecharms. Easy A.
    Jul 18, 2021
  5. Gamingfan

    I mean-
    *Insert meme-worthy comment here*
    Jul 18, 2021
  6. RenzFlintrock
    I think the weapon designs in the top corner were a nice touch.
    Jul 18, 2021
  7. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    He looks cool :3 The design looks really neat. I really like his hair.

    ...Then again, I really like male characters with long hair for some reason.
    Jul 18, 2021