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Ophelia's Journey: Ophelia Jupiter's Journey: Chapter 3

by Tinygirl

Tinygirl The journey officially starts!
Chapter 3: Catching n' Training

Ophelia skipped along the concrete path that lead Hau'oli City, and when she entered, she quickly skipped into the grass that surrounded the shops and buildings. Her Pokemon weren't very battle-hardened, but they sure loved their trainer, so surely things would go fine! She skipped along childishly across the grass, searching through the grass, looking at every movement in the grass, until finally "Pichuuuuuuu!" she suddenly found herself face to face with a Pichu! She didn't really want one, but this was the perfect opportunity to train her team! She sent out her Eevee, Magi. "Eeeevee!" She said happily, shaking her fur a bit and stretching her legs "Okay Magi, use Swift!" Magi chirped, and sent a sparkling sea of magical stars towards the Pichu, getting a critical "Nice shot!" Ophelia cheered, just before Pichu sent a thunderous bolt of lightning towards Magi, not doing much damage but causing paralysis. "Oh dangit! Hang in there Magi!" Magi whimpered softly, but stood strong and proud for her owner, when suddenly, the Pichu called for backup "Oh come on, not more!" Ophelia cried out, she never much liked Pichu's, or Raichu's, too much like Pikachu, and boy has she seen enough of -that- Pokemon, but when the Pokemon appeared, it wasn't a Pichu, it was....a Happiny! Ophelia gasped, she LOVED Happiny! What a crazy stroke of luck! "Eeeep! Okay okay, Magi, use quick attack and get rid of that pesky Pichu!" Magi chirped again, and managed to get off a quick attack, fainting the Pichu, leaving only the Happiny. "Alright, now switch out!" She called, returning Magi to her ball "Go, Sammy!" she threw Sammy's pokeball out, revealing the pale yellow charmander, that yawned and rubbed its eyes, appearing to have been napping in its pokeball, the Happiny swiftly pounded Sammy, doing a decent amount "Sammy, use Ember!" Sammy growled at the Happiny, and flicked his tail in her direction, sending a small burst of fire towards the Happiny, this also did a decent amount of damage. Ophelia shifted impatiently through her bags and found one of the pokeballs her mom bought for her, and tossed it, determined to get that cute little egg-lover. One shake, two shake....and....CLICK! Ophelia and Sammy cheered, flailing there arms in the air and jumping up and down "Woohoo! Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!" she hugged herself tightly, then returned Sammy to his pokeball, before skipping over to the other pokeball and picking it up "Your name'll be Shirley." she said to the pokeball, before putting it in her bag and heading to the Pokemon Center to buy some potions, antidotes, and paralyze heals quickly before she continued.
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