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Ophelia's Journey: Ophelia Jupiter's Journey Chapter 2

by Tinygirl

Tinygirl It continues.
Chapter 2: Graduation Day

Ophelia took a deep breath of the Alolan air as she slowly walked to the trainer school, she had had the occasional battle before, but she'd never caught a Pokemon before since her current ones were all gifts, and she had some a weak Caterpie as a pet back home, but she'd never been a full on trainer, so she decided to sign up to the school since her family was vacationing here anyway for a few months. She had heard wonderful things about Alola, so hopefully she'd get some cool Pokemon here after she graduated, which she hoped would be today, she adjusted her backpack as she came around the corner, the school coming into sight, she smiled and picked up her pace a bit, until she got to the entrance. She pushed open the door and glanced around at all the happy faces, she smiled wider when she saw the happy faces of her friends; Mildred, Harrison, and Jasmine, Jasmine and Mildred were talking while Harrison was playing cool and listening, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, his Grimer sticking out of his backpack, its wide eyes looking on at the two curiously. Ophelia walked up and gave a small wave, they looked to her, Mildred and Jasmine returned the wave, Harrison just nodded, Ophelia just loved his bad boy ways, she even loved that he use to be a Team Skull grunt, she just couldn't help it "H-Hey guys, what's up? Class starting soon?" Mildred swiftly nodded "Yep, you've been pretty cool by the way, quiet, but cool, it's been nice to meet you, I think we all feel that way." Jasmine and Harrison nodded "Hey guys, I know what'd be fun! Before class, on three, let's name out favorite type! Ya know, to get to know each other better, it's been hard to talk with all the trainer battles." Ophelia nods with a smile, Harrison just shrugs "Okay, one, two...three!" "Fairy!" Jasmine cries "Bug." Mildred says simply "Ghost!" Ophelia squeaks out excitedly "Dark." Harrison mumbles, Ophelia blushes as red as a Charmeleon "W-Woah, you like Dark? I -love- Dark!" she giggles, Harrison turns a bit red and he turns his head away "C-Cool..." he mumbles out, not expecting the friendly talk towards him. Suddenly, the school bell rings, they laugh a moment at the rather awkward moment then run outside together; in the gym-like area outside, the teacher was standing alone, waiting for all the students to get outside, once they got outside, she cleared her throat and said loudly "Good morning children! I'm glad to say some of you will have quite a short day today, as today, some of you lucky children will be graduating. I know this is very exciting, but I'd like you all to stay quiet as I read off the names." the children crossed their fingers and mumbled to themselves and each other excitedly as she looked over the written names with a soft smile "Jasmine." she calls out, Jasmine gasps, then cheers, throwing her hands up in the air as she jumps up, Ophelia and Mildred squealing in joy at their friends achievement "Mildred." They squeal even louder, Jasmine and Ophelia giving Mildred a huge group hug "And Ophelia." They full on cheer now as loud as they can, the other children clapping for her, the teacher bowed her head, keeping her bright smile, Harrison clapped slowly, seeming down at not graduating as well "All graduated students may now leave and begin your adventure, congratulations to all of you." the children patted the graduates on the back and shook their hands, Harrison wandering back inside, unnoticed by the excited crowd. After a moment of congrats from the student body, the three friends went their separate ways to go out and explore Alola.
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