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Only 1 month left.png

by Helios.

Helios. Unfortunately, the file mysteriously deleted itself when I tried to upload it. It was originally an image but due to these unbright problems, they took it from me. So, I've decided to write out the text I had placed onto the image.
Remember Remember, the 5th of September

2020's darkest moment,

Yet it was the world's brightest.

The rising of the sun is coming.

The Silent One shall make a return.

For he is just Another Human like us.

A Black Sun.

Stay safe, 24.
  1. Helios.
    The 6th realm is opening up...
    Aug 4, 2020
  2. Helios.
    The Puzzle has begun.

    Little do you know it's all about to unravel.

    Beware of the Organisation.
    Aug 4, 2020
  3. Helios.
    Aug 4, 2020