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One Word Stories: One Word Stories: Mythical

by Mr Fishykarp

Mr Fishykarp Welcome to the first story in my One Word Stories series, where you give me one word and I make an entire story out of it, the first word was Mythical and was requested by @DaCharblezorbTrainer
“But mommy” the little boy said to his mother “I know, I just know that there is a Mythical Pokemon out there, somewhere in those hills”
“Of course there is dear” The mother said with a smile “But its bedtime, you can go and look for the Mythical Pokemon tomorrow”
“You always say that mommy!” The boy complained “I’m going to find that Pokemon”
“No you will not” the mother said, with a stern look in her eye “go to bed”
“Fine” the boy grudgingly said “I will”

Ryan sighed as he thought of that even, how long had it been since then? Ten? Fifteen years? He sighed as he gripped the Pokeball in his hand, he was no longer a three-year-old child, he was a Pokemon League competitor, he had defeated all eight gyms, he had to be powerful enough now.

He began his trek into the snowy mountains, as he thought back to his childhood, right after that conversation with his mother, he had been unable to sleep, thinking about whatever was in the mountains, he heard his mother and father speak

“You can’t be serious dear” his mother said “we all know it’s just a myth, and even if it was real, do you really think that”
“Of course it is real” his father cut off “I’ve… I’ve seen it myself, I know it’s real, it has been my dream to see it again, and now that my son… my only son also wants to meet this Pokemon, I feel like I just must find it once more”
Ryan’s mother laughed “You don’t actually believe in the stories you tell him right?” she asked “because there definitely is not a mythical Pokemon in those mountains, or someone would have found it already”
“The Pokemon only shows itself to the pure hearted” Ryan’s father explained “other people find it for greed, it is said to hold great power, but I’m looking for it for my son, and to thank it”, he turned around and opened the door
“fine then, go find your stupid… stupid- what was its name again”
The father smiled “Mew” he whispered, before disappearing into the darkness.

But that was the last time Ryan had ever seen his father, search parties were sent into the mountain but even his body was never found, since that day, Ryan had been determined to find this “Mew” not just for himself, but to honour the dreams of his father. He reached a steep climb, much too sleep to climb. Luckily, Ryan was prepared, why wouldn't he be? He had his entire life to plan.

“Skarmory come on out!” he shouted, he hopped on the armoured bird’s back and flew up the cliff face, reaching the top, and kept walking, until he tripped, luckily he caught himself before he faceplanted into the cold snow, he turned to see what had tripped him, and saw a very familiar bag, or the remains of one. It seemed to be quite old, as if it had been there for years, the fact that it was still there was unbelievable, but what was even more unbelievable was what was inside. Inside was not much, some water and food, all frozen, as well as a strange stone, which Ryan recognised as a sun stone, which must have been what was keeping the bag from freezing. His father had one of those, it had been his lucky charm. There was also a picture, when Ryan saw it, tears filled his eyes. It was a picture of him and his father, which they had took together at the beach, while the memory of the day itself was blurry, the night afterwards was one Ryan would never forget.

“A Mythical Pokemon?” Whispered a breathless three-year-old Ryan “is it real?”
“of course it is” his father promised him “once, many many years ago, the Mythical Pokemon rescued me while I was in the mountains, lost. It gave me this sun stone, which shone the way out of the Mountain”

“As if that did him any good this time” Ryan grumbled, he was tempted to kick the stone off the side of the mountain, but decided against it, its light might be able to guide him through the mountain.

Finally, he had reached the end of the path, just like the map said, he would have to get on Skarmory and fly over the mountain to reach the top, where Mew was said to reside, yet when he arrived, he found a place not marked on the map. It was a valley full of snow, with a lone dead tree in the middle. Ryan climbed in, and checked his map again, this valley was definitely not there, thinking nothing of it, he prepared to leave when he noticed something slumped against the tree. Father!

Ryan ran to the tree quickly, but when he reached it, he looked down in sorrow, his father was nothing more than a pile of frozen bones, dead like the tree he rested on. Disheartened, Ryan prepared to pick up his father’s bones and go home, when he heard a mighty, angry wind blow through the Valley, causing a snowstorm, whipping around Ryan and surrounding the Valley in relentless snow, it was so sudden, yet so fitting that in finding his father, Ryan had also found his death. He looked up, maybe Skarmory could by him out? But there was just too much snow

He contemplated setting his Pokemon free, perhaps they could escape, with or without him, but he decided against it, nothing could survive this storm. If he kept them in their Pokeballs, they would have a chance at survival, search parties would find his corpse and find them as well. He looked at his father’s corpse, feeling hopeless, when he noticed a brilliant pink glow shining from behind him. He turned, somewhere in the storm was the outline of some kind of creature, which dashed around, then disappeared. Then, Ryan felt warmth from the dead tree

He turned to see the dead tree blossom into new life, leaves growing from it, and grass appearing around it. Soon the entire valley was covered in grass, still the storm raged on top of him, and all the sides were covered in storm, but it didn’t matter, Ryan was sure that whatever happened was a result of Mew, his entire body was extremely warm, he took off his jacket, jumped and boots, then, after doing so, he heard a voice.

“My son”
Ryan almost jumped, it was his father’s voice
“I am so proud of you” his father said “you found it”
He turned, the body of his father was gone, and in its place was a shimmering ghost of his father. Ryan could tell that the storm was starting to overcome the grass but didn’t care
“father... I-” he began
“No words” his father said, cutting him off “We will be together soon, with all the time in the world”
Ryan and his father embraced, as the storm consumed them both. He watched as his father faded, and waved goodbye, and then, there was blackness.
  1. Splashfur
    It's sad and beautiful and amazing and just all around great
    Jun 1, 2017
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