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One Shot- The Training Game: Father! Piccolo x Daughter! Reader

by Wi Seong Kim

Wi Seong Kim
"Papa." (Name) called out to the taller man besides her, her hands reaching up towards him in a grasping manner. Leaning down to the small human, Piccolo scooped the four year old into his arms.

"What is it, (Name)?" The Namekian asked his daughter gently, he brushing some of her (h/l) hair from her face and putting the (h/c) locks behind her ear.

You might be wondering with such a creature as Piccolo would be carrying a small human, such as (Name) in his arms. Especially with her calling him "papa". Well, to put such a long story into smaller terms, as an infant the poor human girl was abandoned during the battle with the Androids and Cell. When in Nicky Town, after his fight with Cell, Piccolo found a small infant who had been untouched.

He rescued her and had Mr. Popo watch her until the battle was ceased. After the disappearance of Cell, (Name) has been leaving with the Namekian, and learning things about the world in it's current time of peace.

It had been about 3 and half years since the fighting against Cell and the death of Son Goku, which, in turn, meant peace for the planet. A much awarded peace. Both Piccolo and (Name) were in a field outside of West City, as that is where they had stayed the previous night.

"Papa, I wanna train... Just like you told me about." Came the cheeky reply from the small human child in the Namek's arms. She always watched her father train, he also told her stories of battles he fought in. And, she vowed, one day, to be just like him.

"Well... I don't kn--" Started Piccolo, he getting cut off by his thoughts of his rather rough training towards Son Gohan, which made him rather skeptical. But, he was also cut off by a:

"Please!" Begged the smaller being, her (e/c) eyes pleading and they looked to his dark eyes. The alien sighed silently, his large hand coming to her hair and rubbing it gently.

"Fine..." He sighed softly, making her grin happily and hug his neck and shoulders. Which made the Namekian chuckle slightly and rub his clawed hand against her back. Why did she have to seem so excited.

"YEAH! Thank you, Papa!" (Name) squealed happily, nuzzling her cheek against his. And, after the affectionate moment, she was set on the ground. She wore clothes like her father on a regular basis. But, why not change that into some actual Gi to make it more livable.

"There." Piccolo said as she was changed to the Gi from her Namekian clothes. "See. training clothes." He added, maybe to help her understand. She was now clad in a pair of (f/c) Gi with (2nd f/c) undershirt, boots, and wrist guards. On the back, was a big circle that had Piccolo's Kanji in it.

"Awesome." Said the girl in awe, she turning her body to look at it all completely. She was impressed. It looked so cool! "So, Papa. What do we do first?"

"Uh--" The man started, stuttering slightly. He hadn't really trained someone without Ki before. It's a bit on the difficult side. But, Master Roshi apparently had it down to an art. "Well... Let's start with stretches..."

(Name) grinned happily, she reaching towards the ground just like Piccolo did. She was so happy to do this, but Piccolo? He wasn't. He had no idea what he was doing.

'Today's going to be a long day.' Piccolo thought with a sigh.