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One of my OC’s

by GhostlyCubone11

GhostlyCubone11 Ok, I cant keep track of my OC’s, so, I’m putting them on here. I’ll start with the Splatoon ones, which I Have 12 of, I think. Anyway, this is the most recent one.

Name: Cyrus.

Age: 16, 3/4. (16 years, 9 months.)

Gender: Male

Personality: Cyrus is a shy inkling, hating when he has to talk to others and have social interactions. He has a good heart, and enjoys talking to people if he trusts them. He tries to stay quiet and away from attention, having low self confidence. He stammers and blushes a lot when speaking, and can have panic attacks if he is really uncomfortable.

Likes: The quiet, hanging out with friends, discovering new abilities.

Dislikes: Puplic places, being reminded about the past, being near cars or explosives.

Background: Cyrus was 14 when he was riding to a public party in Inkopolis with his girlfriend, and two of his buddies from Turf War. He had a bad feeling about the driver, but went in anyway, being optimistic and gullible before. But, the car went the wrong way. The driver drove them into a larger truck, an explosion happening afterwards. Cyrus woke up in the hospital, his left arm and right leg being replaced by robot parts. He didnt care at that time, wanting to know where his friends were. They had died. He became distant, being bullied for being a cyborg. He became afraid to make friends, and is scared to find love, not a fear of being bullied, but a fear of hurting those around him.

Other: He got a new set of abilities from his robot parts. He can run faster, jump higher, and stick to walls with his leg so far, and his arm can grapple onto things, gives him increased strength, and can turn his robot hand into common objects. (Chainsaws, lighter, etc.)

I probably will use him in a rp the next chance I get.
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  1. GhostlyCubone11
    I put this up because I was planning to use him in a Splatoon roleplay I’m working on. I’ll tag you in it when I get it up!
    May 7, 2019
  2. milk_tea
    If you use Splatoon characters in your RPs, I'd gladly join.
    May 7, 2019