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One more touch.... Before I go..

by Cafe-Mocha

one more touch.png
Cafe-Mocha The Dialga and Palkia event happened again.. This is all in the future by the way . Remember when Darkrai was fading away? This time, they both go out together.

So, here's what happened: Dialga and Palkia returned for the 2nd fight. Mimi didn't want Darkrai to be in danger like last time so she wanted to settle it all herself, but failed. She fell from the sky at a high length. Landing in a tree first, but hit her head on the way down from the tree. Darkrai couldn't pin point where she was going to land so she wouldn't be in serious danger. As he thought she started to fade away slowly. He couldn't bare to see her leave him in her condition so he wanted to finish the rest of it. Also failing, he landed next to her sinking into the ground. He came back up to see he too was fading away but Mimi was disappearing quicker than he wanted to. He tried to grab onto her paw to feel her fur before he leaves. Nearly to let his finger touch it, her paw vanished and he was left alone without saying goodbye.. He repeated the same words over and over "Its all my fault..."

This won't affect anything in the present but in the future, these two will dissappear unhappy.

Mimi / Art : Me
Darkrai : Nintendo / Game Freak
  1. EonTheLatias
    Spoilers 10/10
    May 24, 2016
  2. julisnivy
    Noooooooooooooo whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    Sep 14, 2015
  3. flamefireguyXZ
    Sep 14, 2015