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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 9)

by Starfall

Starfall A wild Kira appears! Enjoy!
(The next day…)

Xerione and Flannere walked down the route. “Do you even know where you’re going? Baka!” Flannere taunted. “We’re going to Lumiose City.” Xerione shot back. “OH MY ACREUS LUMIOSE CITY?!” Flannere yelled, and stopped walking. “I’ve always DREAMED of going there! The lights! The food! The fashion! Can we go shopping when we go there? PLEAAAASE!” “Heh. Sure! We do deserve a reward after that gym battle!” “YESSSS! You’re not such a baka after all!” Flannere smiled. “Now, lets do some training!” Suddenly, a small pokemon ran by Xerione. “Hey, what are you running from?” She asked. The pokemon turned around. “Im running from that!” It yelled. A litleo was chasing after the small pokemon.

“H-Help me please…” The small pokemon muttered as the Litleo charged at them. “Okay then! Flannere, use scratch!” Xerione exclaimed. Flannere ran her claws down the Litleo’s face. It gave out a loud roar, and ran away. “There you go! Is that better now?” Xerione bent down to talk to the small pokemon. “Y-Yeah! I-I’m Ralts, by the w-way!” Ralts exclaimed. “Would you like to travel with me? I can protect you from pokemon like that!” Xerione asked. The Ralts’s face lit up. “R-Really? Then s-sure!” “Can I call you Kira?” Xerione asked. “S-sure!” Kira smiled.

“Oh great, another baka on our team!” Flannere complained. “Jeez, what is with you Xerione?” “Don’t mind Flannere. She’s a bit of a grumpy wumpus woo.” Xerione joked. “WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!” Flannere snarled, her fur standing on end. “I-I could t-tell.” Kira laughed. “Now, shall we actually do some training?” Xerione asked. “Fine. But don’t expect me to forgive you so easily, baka.” Flannere snorted.

(After a long grinding session later, Flannere is level 15 and Kira is level 13)

“Let’s get a move on! To Lumiose!” Xerione cheered. “Yeah. You BETTER buy me some cool clothes.” Flannere exclaimed.
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