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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 8)

by Starfall

Starfall Not really filler, but some hints about later plot points. Enjoy!
Xerione looked at her holo caster. 5 new messages from her family. She sighed, and looked at them. “Xerione! Answer my calls! Are you hurt? Have you been kidnapped?” Her father’s hologram asked. “If you left, it will not be good for our image!” She slammed the hang up button on her holo caster. “They don’t even care about me, do they?” Xerione muttered angerly, tears forming in her eyes. “I’ll prove it to them. I will become the best trainer Kalos has ever seen, just you wait!” Xerione decided. She looked over to Flannere. She was asleep on a blanket. She smiled, and layed down next to her. “Night, Flannere.” Xerione yawned and went to sleep.

Xerione watched in horror as the red haired man in front of her smiled maniaclly. “You and I are the chosen ones.” He said in a smooth, calm voice. “It’s too bad that I am surperior. But...” The man grabbed Xerione’s wrist and pulled her closer. “Join us, and we can rule this world together.” She pulled herself back. “Never! I will not let you take this world as your own!” Xerione yelled. “That’s too bad. And I really liked you, too. Goodbye, Xerione.” A large cry rang out across the room as a huge, black pokemon swooped down on Xerione. It’s eyes glew blood red. It gave out one more cry as it charged at her.

Xerione woke up with a jolt, sweat dripping down her back. She looked over at Flannere, who was still sleeping. Xerione flopped back down on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. “What was that dream?” She asked herself quietly.
  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    SOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!
    Mar 30, 2016
  2. CherryBlossomGirl
    Omg this is my fave chapter yet!
    Mar 13, 2016