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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 41)

by Starfall

Starfall YAYA! Dippy fresh!
“So anyways, this new thing we’re learning is TOTALLLLLY wack bros!” Korrina exclaimed. “So like, it’s a fact that pokemon can’t evolve past it’s final evolution, right? Well, that fact is totally BOGUS maaaan!

“So there’s this new swiggty swaggity thing, Mega Evolution, it’s so cool! So like, if you have a strong enough bond with one of your ‘mons, they can go past their current evo’s into a totally RADD powerful new form! That’s basically it, dude bros! Laterz! And oh yeah, come challenge me at the gym!” The girl skated off. “Well, what she said was true.” The Guru laughed. “But I only have one ring…” “Hey Xerione! Let’s have a battle to decide the winner, eh?” Yvonne exclaimed. “Sounds like a great plan!” Xerione responded, drawing her pokeball. “Okay! Let’s do this! Benjamin Froaklin, you’re up!”

Benjamin Froaklin hopped out of the pokeball, having evolved into a greninja. “So we meet again, the gorgeous Flannere.” He exclaimed, straightening his sunglasses. “B-baka!” Flannere peeked out from behind Xerione. “Okay then, Alexander! Let’s go!” The girl declared, drawing Alexander. She charged at Froaklin. “Okay then! Let’s try a sacred sword!” Xerione exclaimed. Alexander glew with a blue light, slashing down Froaklin. “Ack! I cannot tell a lie, but that hurt!” He exclaimed, fainting. “Shooot!” Yvonne sighed. “Go, Gwen!”
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  1. Starfall
    Thanks XD
    Apr 4, 2016
  2. Rovenz
    DIPPYFRESH! Amazing story :)
    Apr 4, 2016