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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 38)

by Starfall

Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious creepers: Lynsandre, Hari, Phoebe
Current Team: Flannere, Kira, Alexander, Echo, Lallia
Gym Badges: 2
Deaths: 3
“Hmm?” The mysterious woman whipped around, clearly annoyed. “Oh, it’s just the little hero.” Xerione took a step back, standing in front of her pokemon. “Why are you calling me a hero?!” Xerione demanded, clenching her fist. “Oh, you don’t know yet?” She laughed rudely. “W-what?” She ran towards the woman. A tiny smile crossed her face. The woman extended a high-heeled leg, kicking Xerione in the chest. She tumbled backwards, skidding across the floor. Her elbow was caught on a jagged stone, tearing the skin. Blood dripped from the tiny cut that was made. “Y-You!” Flannere cried. “YOU BAKA!!!” Flannere yelled, drawing her stick. A giant blast of psychic energy shot out, slamming into the woman’s chest. She gave out a cry of pain, skidding backwards. Kira helped Xerione stand up, meanwhile Alexander flew into her hand. Xerione stumbled over to the woman, drawing Alexander to her neck. “I have some questions to ask you.” Xerione snarled, trying to sound brave.

“First off, what’s your name?” Xerione demanded. “…Phoebe.” Phoebe answered reluctantly. “Okay then. I’ve seen that pin multiple times on… Some people I dislike. What is that for?” Xerione asked. “This, my ignorant friend, is the Team Flare symbol. We are here to make a pure, fashionable world!” Phoebe exclaimed, a fiery spark in her eyes. “Damn, I revealed too much…” The woman drew a small tube of deep red lipstick. She uncapped, it, and a blade extended from the empty hole. “I guess this is goodbye, little hero!” Phoebe laughed, lunging forwards. Xerione gasped, attempting to shield herself. Suddenly, Flannere leapt in front of Xerione. “Leave her alone!” Flannere yelled, creating a psychic barrier between them. Blue and white dots flew around her, changing her form into a taller, more elegant bodytime. The dots exploded, revealing a Delphox where Flannere was standing.