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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 37)

by Starfall

Starfall OH GOD FLANNERE IS HAPPY FOR ONCE. Also, the new mysterious creeper, Phoebe, was created by @MissPinkRebelle!
Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious Creepers: Hari, Lynsandre, Phoebe
Current Team: Flannere, Kira, Alexander, Echo, Lallia
Gym Badges: 2
Deaths: 3
Xerione went to run after him. “H-Hey! You can’t just leave!” She cried. Kira and Flannere grabbed onto her. “X-Xerione!” Kira exclaimed, attempting to comfort her. “It’s no use!” “Yeah! BAKA!” Flannere exclaimed. Xerione sighed. “The nerve of that guy… We better get going, then.” “That’s the spirit, sugar!” Lallia exclaimed. The group than began to walk off.

(After some grinding and walking, the whole team is level 30.)

“Where are we going next, Huamn?” Echo asked, flapping alongside her. “Lets see… Ah! The glittering cave!” Xerione responded, smiling. “Did you just say- GLITTERING cave?!” Flannere gasped, her eyes shining. “I need to get some of those stones!” “Haha, okay.” Xerione giggled. “ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME?! BAKAS!” Flannere snarled, fuming. “Calm down, sugar.” Lallia exclaimed as the group walked into the cave.

“So… Shiny!!!” Flannere gasped, picking up a few fallen crystals. She used her psychic powers to make a thread appear. She attached the shiny crystals to the string, and made a necklace. “Perfect.” She sighed happily. “Okay, let’s get-“ A woman with long, pink hair passed by her. She wore a pink visor, covering eyes which Xerione couldn’t make out their colour. She had a short red dress with a pink tie, dawning the same pin as Lynsandre. “She might know more about that story… Hey! Wait up!” Xerione cried, dashing after her.
  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    Go Phoebe!
    Apr 3, 2016