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One More Step: One More Step: Chapter 34

by Starfall

Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious Creepers: Hari, Lynsandre
Current Team: Flannere, Kira, Alexander, Echo
Gym badges: 2
Deaths: 3
The boy’s dwebble used it’s claws to hang on to the wall. “O-Okay then… Alexander, let’s get this over with.” Xerione held onto the wall with one hand, unsheathing Alexander with the other. “Just don’t look down, m’lady!” Alexander exclaimed. “Okay then!” Xerione sliced Alexander across the dwebble. The move, being super effective against the rock type, made it faint on impact. “Okay no need to pay me byeeeeeee!” Xerione quickly grabbed onto the wall, climbing up onto the platform.

“Need some help there?” A masculine voice asked. Xerione looked up. A older man, around 35 or so, looked down at her. He was extremely tall and lanky. She gladly took his hand. The main hoisted her up onto a platform. “Well, hello! I’m Grant, the Cycallage City gym leader.” Grant smiled at her. “Hi! I’m Xerione, and I want to battle you.” Xerione responded, pumping her fist. “Okay then! I like you’re mojo-“ Flannere cut him off. “MOJO? MOJO? WHO IN THE NAME OF ARCEUS SAYS MOJO? BAKA!” She hissed. “AND YOU! YOU FORGOT ME WHEN YOU CLIMBED THAT WALL!” “Ignore- Uh, nevermind!” Xerione began to say, realizing that Grant couldn’t understand pokemon. “Okay then! Let’s get to it!” Grant exclaimed. “Go, Amura!”

A large Amura popped out of a pokeball. Xerione was overwhelmed with a bunch of emotions. She pushed them aside. “Okay then. Alexander, lets do this!” Xerione unsheathed her hondege, pointing him at the Amura. “Amura, use auora beam!” Grant exclaimed. Amura opened its mouth, a glow of blue energy growing inside. It shot the beam directly at Alexander. Xerione shifted herself into a stance, deflecting the beam with Alexander’s blade. “Sorry!” Xerione whispered. “No problem, m’lady.” Alexander replied. Xerione charged at the Amura, slashing Alexander across the Amura’s flank. It gave out a small cry of defeat, and fainted. “O-Okay then. Lets go, tyrunt!” Grant stuttered.

A small, dinosaur looking pokemon popped out. “Too easy!” Xerione taunted, slashing Alexander across Tyrunt, causing a 1 hit K.O. “Alexander, we did it!” Xerione exclaimed, hugging the pokemon tightly. “Great job!” Grant walked over to Xerione, taking her hand. He placed a smooth badge into her hand. “Congrats! Here’s the Cliff Badge!”
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