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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 33)

by Starfall

Starfall Yaya! This is my interpenetration of Grant's gym.
Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious Creepers: Hari, Lynsandre
Current Team: Flannere, Kira, Alexander, Echo
Gym Badges: 1
Deaths: 3
Xerione walked into the gym, Alexander in hand. Echo flapped above her head, Kira and Flannere walked next to her. “Woah…” Xerione looked up, surprised by the layout of the gym. It was a giant rock climbing wall, sprawling up towards the high ceiling. A man walked over to Xerione. “Please put on this helmet, and these shoes.” He exclaimed, hanging Xerione a light red helmet and navy blue sneakers. Xerione slipped out of her flats and stepped into the sneakers while placing the helmet onto her head. “Okay! Let’s do this!” Xerione pumped her fist, and leapt onto the wall.

Flannere watched as Xerione climbed the wall like a Aipom, Alexander sheathed on her back. “What about us, BAKA?!” Flannere called after her. Xerione was already out of hearing range. “Ugh. That- HEY! YOU’RE NOT JUST GONNA LEAVE US HERE, ARE YOU?!” She yelled at Echo, who was flying after Xerione. “Sorry! But I guess you don’t have wings! Nyeeeeh!” Echo taunted, flying after Xerione. “Look’s like its just you and- YOU TOO?!” Flannere’s mouth hung open as Kira teleported away. She re-appeared at the top of the rock climbing wall. “UGGGGH!!!!” Flannere sighed, and lifted herself up with her psychic powers.

The little cliffs were rough on Xerione’s skin. She looked up. The top of the rock climbing wall was extremely close. If she climbed up one more step, she would be able to heave herself onto the top platform. Suddenly, another boy climbed over to Xerione. “Howdy! I’m the Gym Trainer here!” He proclaimed. “Okay. So do we just get up on that platform, or…” Xerione was cut off. “Nope! We fight RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!” He declared. “Go, DWEBBLE!”
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