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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 31)

by Starfall

Starfall Nononononononononono don't kill me please...
Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious Creepers: Hari, Lynsandre
Current Team: Flannere, Kira, Echo, Alexander
Gym Badges: 1
Deaths: 3
“I-I’m so sorry…” Xerione cried, kneeling before two makeshift tombstones. “I’m so, so sorry…” A few hours before, the team had been ambushed by a group of high level granbulls.

“This is our territory.” They had growled. “Oh, sorry! I can get off of it now, I-“ The granbull had lashed out at Xerione when her back was turned. “WATCH OUT!” Aura had cried, leaping in front of Xerione. The granbull’s claws slashed through Aura’s weak skin, leaving a jagged cut. Her limp body was sent flying. “Run, Y’all!” Kai cried, beginning to fight off the granbulls by himself. “No- Kai! I won’t leave you here!” Xerione screamed. “Before- you leave- Kira, I love you.” Kai turned back, smiling at Kira with tears in his eyes as the granbull knocked his hp down to 0. The granbulls then ran off.

“No.. nonononono NOOO!” Kira screamed, rushing over to Kai’s dead body. “Y-You can’t leave me like this! No! N… noo..” She collapsed, crying her heart out. Xerione fell down on her knees. “I didn’t want this to happen…”

The granbulls reported back to Team Flare headquarters. “Did you kill some of The Hero of Shade’s pokemon like we asked?” Lynsandre asked. The granbulls nodded. “Good. The plan is falling into place well.” A terrifying smile spread across Lynsandre’s cold face.
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