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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 30)

by Starfall

Starfall 30 chapter milestone! And also, WELCOME AURA TO THE TEAM!
Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious Creepers: Hari, Lynsandre
Current Team: Flannere, Kira, Kai, Alexander, Echo, Aura
Gym Badges: 1
Deaths: 1
“Hey, Yvonne! I found fossils!” Xerione called. “OHMYARCEUSYESSSSSSS!” Yvonne rushed over to Xerione. “Let’s go to that nerd lab and get our fossils checked out!” She declared. “Whatever you say!” Xerione exclaimed. The pair rode back on the rhydon back to Amberette Town.

“Ahhh, yes. The Sail fossil and the Jaw fossil.” The scientist exclaimed. “Let me take these to the back, and I shall bring them back for you!” He took the fossils from the girls, and put them on something that looked a bit like a Pokemon Centre healing table. He pressed a button on the big machine. A blue light surrounded the two fossils. Bodies formed around the old stones, until two pokemon appeared on the table. “Okay girls! Meet Amura and Tyrunt!” The scientist announced. “OH MY ARCEUS I HAVE THE PERFECT PUN!” Yvonne gasped, picking up the Tyrunt. She pulled a shark costume out of nowhere. She put Tyrunt in it. “Meet Jaws!” She announced. “You can’t be serious.” Xerione joked, picking up the Amura. “Bonjour!” Amura exclaimed. “Jem’appele Aura.” “Sorry, I don’t know that much French.” Xerione laughed. “Oh, sorry! I’m Aura! Nice to meet you!” She exclaimed. “Okay then, this is where we part ways.” Xerione exclaimed sadly. “Aww, okay.” Yvonne exclaimed. “It was nice to hang out!” Yvonne dashed off, Jaws in her hands.

“Okay guys, let’s get a move on!” Xerione announced. Her team nodded, and they left the town.
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