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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 29)

by Starfall

Starfall Fossil Maniac is confirmed yugioh fanatic.
Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious Creepers: Hari, Lynsandre
Current Team: Flannere, Kira, Kai, Alexander, Echo
Gym Badges: 1
Deaths: 1
“Okay then. Let’s teach this brat a lesson! Houndour, fire fang!” The Team Flare grunt ordered. The houndour opened it’s mouth, its teeth catching on fire. It lunged at Echo, biting her foot. Her health depleted by ¼. “Okay then! Echo, air cutter!” Xerione called. Echo flapped her wings extremely quickly, generating blades of pure air energy. She pointed her wings directly at the Houndour, the blades of air shooting at him. They exploded at his feet, causing a critical hit. “Tsk…” The grunt exclaimed. “You’re going to make Lysnandre very mad if you keep intervening. Well, if Team Flare goes out, we do it in style!” He struck a pose, and began to shuffle off. Xerione picked up a tiny stone, and threw it at him. It hit his back pocket, making his phone play a tune loudly. “DISCO GIRL! COMING THROUGH! THAT GIRL IS YOU! OOH OOH! OOH OOH!” The grunt blushed. “Urk-Um… I don’t know why that was on there!” He ran off, surrounded by a cloud of shame. “Ugh, we’re not going to have to deal with more of these weirdos, are we?” Xerione sighed as 50 team flare grunts fell on her. (Authors note: Even though that’s what it felt like, no. There were just like 5 more grunts after that guy.)

“OH MY ARCEUS I FINALLY FOUND YOU.” Xerione sighed as she saw a guy holding 2 fossils. “Do you know what I went through to find you?!” The fossil maniac looked over to her. His glasses were ginormous. “Oh, hello!” He exclaimed in a squeaky voice. “Want some fossils? I have like, 50 of these.” “YESS!” Xerione took the fossils from him. “Hey, since you’re so interested in fossils, do you wanna hear a lecture of fossils?” He asked. “Yeah… NO.” Xerione used a escape rope and warped out of the cave.
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