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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 2)

by Starfall

Starfall This is Chapter 2 of One More Step! We are introducing Yvonne, a peppy, annoying ball of energy who makes annoying puns! I know someone who will connect with her... * Cough Cough @Iceblossom Cough Cough *
“I’m your friendly neighbourhood Yvonne! At your service!” The girl who crashed into Xerione laughed. “That STILL doesn’t explain why you crashed into me!” Xerione muttered. “I’mmmmmm glad you asked, stranger!” Yvonne stood up. “I’m going to get a Pokemon for the first time! Yay!” Xerione gasped. “You’re so lucky!” “Hey, is today Christmas?” Yvonne asked. “But it’s July…” Xerione protested, but Yvonne cut her off. “It is! For Christmas and in return for me bumping into you, you can come with me to get a Pokemon!” “Thank you so much!” Xerione got up off of the hard pavement. “My name is Xerione Paf- I mean Lanchester!” Xerione knew she had to lie about her identity. If she revealed her last name, Parfrum, it would be obvious that she lived in Parfrum Palace. She hated people only wanting to be her friend because her family was rich. “What are you spacing out for? Let’s go!” Yvonne exclaimed impatiently. She grabbed Xerione by the hand and ran out of Vanville Town. The large gates keeping the citizens safe from the wild pokemon outside swung open to let the girls pass through.

Yvonne skidded to a halt in front of a Café. She had taken Xerione to Aquacorde Town. There were hundreds of wicker tables set up in neat rows overlooking a small cliff. People filled the seats, some wearing extremely dapper clothing. Waitresses carrying shining silver platters served the customers steaming hot tea and coffee. Suddenly a voice called out, “Yvonne! Over here!”

Yvonne and Xerione followed the sound of the voice. A older man, who Xerione presumed to be in his 50’s, sat there. He wore a navy blue jacket and had short, black hair. “I’m Calem.” The man greeted. “I work for Professor Sycamore. He sent me to give you your first pokemon, for he is extremely busy studying Mega Evolution. Oh, and I see you brought a friend? No worries, there are 3 pokemon you can choose from.” The man took a box out of his bag. Three gleaming red pokeballs sat inside. One had a leaf sticker on it, one had a water, and one had a flame. “Since it is Christmas, you pick first!” Yvonne insisted. Xerione felt compelled to pick the fire one. She placed her hand on it, her pale white skin contrasting with the deep red of the Pokeball. She pressed the button in the center, and a small pokemon flew out. “Freedom from that blasted ball!” The Fenniken who came out of the pokeball exclaimed. She took a deep breath. “Hmm? Are you my trainer?” The Fenniken looked up at Xerione. “Y-Yeah!” She smiled. “Well, don’t expect me to be all happy! B-Baka!” Fenniken snorted, and turned up it’s nose.

“What’s your name?” Xerione asked. “I’m Flannere.” The Fenniken responded. “Okay! We’re gonna beat the Pokemon League together!” Xerione told Flannere. “Really? It’s always been my dream to- HEY, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? BAKA!” Flannere exclaimed. Xerione gave a small giggle.

“Now its Antie Yvonne’s turn to choose!” Yvonne declared. She looked at the remaining pokeballs. A beam of sunlight caught on the pokeball that had a water sticker on it, making the pokeball sparkle in the daylight. “OOOOH! SHINY!” Yvonne grabbed the pokeball, and opened it. A Froakie popped out. “I’m calling you Benjamin Froaklin!” Yvonne declared. “Wow… You really made his name a pun?” Xerione sighed playfully. “Hey, now that we’re both trianers, lets battle!” Yvonne told Xerione. “Unless you’re too afraid to get your butt kicked by my awesome trainer skills!” “You’re on!” Xerione laughed.
  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    Just started the series and I loves it! Xerione is my fave but Yvonne is super cool too! I love the word BAKA, somewhere someone called me a Baka.
    Mar 29, 2016
  2. Starfall
    Thanks XD
    Mar 13, 2016
  3. CherryBlossomGirl
    This story just keeps getting better!!! It's the best!!!!
    Mar 13, 2016
  4. Iceblossom
    Mar 5, 2016
  5. Starfall
    Thanks :D. I kinda based Yvonne off of you XD with all of her puns that are cool as ICE!
    Mar 5, 2016
    Iceblossom likes this.
  6. Iceblossom
    @Starfall XD This is awesome! I really like Yvonne, but I guess she can be a bit marrow-minded sometimes! *wink*
    Mar 5, 2016