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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 16)

by Starfall

Starfall YEEE SWORD-FIGHTS. And I know that Hondege's pokedex entry says that if a human dares to grab its hilt, it will steal its lifeforce. But this isn't canon. BUT THIS IS (Pulls out a canon)
Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious creepers: Hari, Lynsandre
Team: Flannere, Kira, Kai
Gym badges: 1
Deaths: 1
Xerione walked through the gate to the next route. “So guys, what type of pokemon should we catch next?” She asked. “Well, any baka would know this, we have a psychic, fire, and grass type. We should get a fighting type. O-or something like that! Baka!” Flannere suggested. “Sounds good to me!” The gang exclaimed. “But before that, lets gain some levels!”

(One training session later, Flannere is level 21, Kira is level 19, and Kai is level 20.)

Xerione looked ahead on the trail. Not much had happened, most trainers on the field were practicing at the roller rink. Suddenly, a loud call rang out across the route. “Step right up, and enter the duel blades contest!” A man yelled. He was standing at a stall, a large box of pokeballs next to him. “Hello, lass.” The man motioned Xerione over. “Wanna enter the challenge? If you win, you can keep your Hondege!” “Sure! Sounds fun!” Xerione exclaimed, picking up one of the pokeballs. She pressed the button on it. A sword-like pokemon popped out. It brought itself out of its sheath. “Hello, M’Lady. I am Alexander.” The Hondege exclaimed. “Hello! I’m Xerione. Look’s like we’re partners for the tournament! Do you accept my offer?” “You are worthy to wield me.” Alexander exclaimed. Xerione grasped Alexander’s hilt tightly.

Xerione was guided to a changing room. “Change into some armour, and we can get started!” A guide exclaimed. Xerione put on a iron breastplate and shin guards. Her normal skirt was replaced by brown pants. She stepped out of her changing room and onto the battlefield.

Another man, who looked around 20, was already standing there. He had messy, black hair and a bit of stubble on his chin. “Hello! I’m sorry that I have to reveal it this way, but you’re going down, girl.” He exclaimed cockily. Xerione smiled. “I won’t be going down that easily.” The man looked a bit shocked at her proclamation. Another voice called out, “Let the battle begin!”