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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 12)

by Starfall

Also, I'm adding this to each of my descriptons.
Protagonist: Xerione
Rival: Yvonne
Mysterious creeper: Hari
Gym badges: 1
Current team: Flannere, Kai, Kira
Deaths: 1
“I-I did?!” Flannere gasped. “I-I mean, of course I did! BAKA!” Xerione smiled. “’Ey, you.” Kai looked up to Xerione’s hat. Kira’s small head poked out from underneath. “Y-Yes?” She stuttered. “Do ‘yall wanna come down here and hang out with me?” Kai asked. Kira blushed. “S-sure!” Vines shot out from underneath the bulb on Kai’s back, wrapping around Kira. He lifted her down gently, placing Kira on top of his bulb. Kira smiled, looking around. “Y-y-your bulb has s-such a nice view!” “Thanks, kiddo.” Kai returned her smile. “Now, enough dawdling, bakas! Let’s get moving. Xerione here promised she’d take us shopping.” Flannere snorted. “Shopping? ‘Yall can go, I’ll pass.” Kai exclaimed. A smug look washed over Xerione’s face. “I’ll take you to get pokepuffffs!” She bargained in a sing-song voice. Kai looked at her in disbelief. “Count me in!”

(Another elevator ride later...)

The trainer and her pokemon dashed out of the elevator, eager to go shopping. “Xerione! Hello!” Sina called, waving her over. A man that Xerione didn’t know sat on the couch next to Sina. “Hello, Sina. And hello, Sina’s friend. I don’t think we’ve-“ Xerione gasped. The man seated on the couch was the man from her dream. He had large, spikey orange hair with a bit of stubble on his chin. He wore an extremely fancy tuxedo, a red tie with a strange symbol on it finishing the look. A holo caster dawned his wrist. “Hello. You must be the Xerione that I have heard so much about. Sina regards you highly.” The man said in a calm, yet stern voice. The same voice that she had heard in the dream.

“Xerione, baka!” Flannere whispered. “Talk to him! And stop looking like you’ve seen a ghost!” Xerione gathered her courage to sit down and have a conversation to this man.
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  1. Starfall
    Mar 26, 2016