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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 11)

by Starfall

Starfall Professor Sycamore battle! Enjoy!
“Okay then. I’m not very strong, so don’t worry! Go, Charmander!” Professor Sycamore declared.

“Kira, you’re up!” Xerione exclaimed. Kira teleported off of Xerione’s hat. “Use confusion!” Xerione commanded. Kira raised both of her arms. The horn on her head began to glow pink as she sent a wave of psychic energy at Charmander. It was knocked back, it’s health depleting by ½. It also became confused. “Charmander, ember!” Professor Sycamore commanded. The Charmander’s eyes crossed as he punched himself in the face. “Hah! One more confusion, Kira!” Kira’s horn became pink once again as she used confusion. It knocked Charmander’s health to 0. “Boom! Your pokemon needs to charMANder up!” Yvonne laughed. “That didn’t even make sense.” Xerione exclaimed.

“Now, Bulbasaur, I choose you!” Professor Sycamore yelled.

“Flannere, go get him! Use flame charge!” Xerione cheered. Flannere began to run in place until her paws began to heat up. The flames being generated from her paws surrounded her body as she crashed into Bulbasaur. “One hit K.O, baka!” Flannere taunted.

“Urk… Squirtle, win for me!” Sycamore yelled.

(Another eternity of confusion spam later…)

‘Well, you beat be badly Xerione!” Professor Sycamore laughed. “Nice job! As a reward, you can have one of the three pokemon you beat!” He held out the three pokeballs. “hmm.. I did like the Bulbasaur.” Xerione smiled. “Thanks, Professor!” Xerione smiled, and released the Bulbasaur. “Howdy, yall!” He exclaimed. “Call me Kai.” “Ugh, this weakling is on our team? First we added scardey-skitty over here, now Glass Cannon?” Flannere complained. “Jeez, someone’s grumpy.” Kai retorted. “Whatever.” Flannere exclaimed, flicking her tail. Suddenly, her body began to glow with a blue light.

She was lifted up into the air as blue and white orbs spun around Flannere’s body. She landed on the ground, the blue mist disappearing. Flannere’s body had changed into a more mature form. “Oh my Arceus! Flannere, you EVOLVED!” Xerione gasped happily.
  1. Starfall
    Mar 30, 2016
  2. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    Flannere will never stop being amazing
    Mar 30, 2016