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One More Step: One More Step (Chapter 1)

by Starfall

Starfall Here we go! The first chapter of Xerione's journey through the Kalos region! Enjoy!
Xerione sat on her bed, yawning. She had stayed up till midnight playing Splatoon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The girl kicked the satin covers off of her, and crawled out of her bed. She staggered over to the mirror, and changed into her normal outfit. It consisted of a red, high-waisted skirt that went up to her breastline, a black tank top, and a red fedora. Xerione tossed her long, black hair out of her face and went downstairs.

“Morning, Mistress! Happy 16th birthday!” Xerione’s servant, Grace, cheered. She placed down a plate of hot, steaming pancakes in front of her. “Thanks. Look’s like you’re the only one who remembered my birthday.” Xerione sighed. “I’m sure your father will remember this year, miss.” Grace placed one hand lightly on Xerione’s shoulder. “Thank you, Grace. You can go do your work now.” The girl told Grace. Grace bowed, and left the dining hall.

Xerione took out a book titled “Pokemon Battling 101”. She flipped to a random page, and began to read aloud to herself.

“Pokemon are some of the most mysterious creatures in our world. They can harvest the elements that we as humans cannot. Pokemon could destroy our race in a instant, if it wasn’t for the Pokeball and the special bond that some humans can make with said pokemon.

“Some humans in this world can befriend the beasts that live in our world. These people- known as trainers, breeders, or connosuirs, can form a strong enough bond with pokemon so that they will work alongside them. The most common of these catagories is the trainer. Trainers use pokemon to battle other trainers and to catch wild pokemon. This form of fighting comes with a price. Pokemon, whether it is battle with a trainer or with a wild pokemon, have a 30% chance of dying when they lose all of their health.

“Even though this may seem terrifying at first, The 6 pokemon professors, Professor Oak of Kanto, Professor Elm of Jhoto, Professor Birch of Hoenn, Professor Rowan of Sinnoh, Professor Juniper of Unova, and Professor Sycamore of Kalos, have come up with a theory on how to lessen the probability of death by battle.

“”We believe that Pokemon have a larger chance of dying in a wild pokemon battle.” Professor Oak tells us. “We also know for a fact that Pokemon have a higher chance of dying if their trainer is younger than age 16. That is why we have told the Champions of our regions to bump up the age limit of becoming a trainer to 16.”’

Xerione gasped. “16? But… I’M 16! That means I could get out of here and be a Trainer?!” She looked around, making sure that no guards were around. The girl lunged into the courtyard. A flock of Swanna were swimming around in a fountain. “Hello. Would you mind giving me a ride to-um- Vanville Town?” Xerione asked them. “Sure!” a Swanna squacked. Xerione was taken aback by this. “I can understand you?” “Yeah, I guess so!” The Swanna answered. “Hop on!” Xerione mounted the pokemon. With a large flap of It’s wings, the pokemon took off into the open air.

“Thanks for the ride!” Xerione called as they landed. “No problem!” The swanna flew away. Xerione began to walk towards the big gates of the town, until someone bumped into her roughly. The girl went toppling over. “What the…” Xerione growled. “Sorry!” A soft voice murmured.
  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    I have a question so is Xerione a princess or is she just related to the man who owns Parfum Palace in the games or something like that?
    Mar 29, 2016