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One Finishing Touch [PersonaXPKMN]

by Absol_Chiliarch

Finishing Touch Kinesis the Espeon.png

This is my attempt at a Persona themed "Finishing Touch".
Background (the stars and orb) isn't mine, I just got some images from google.
The Espeon is my Pokesona named "Kinesis," some people may recognize it... Some may not (I'm not really expecting anyone to recognize her since she hasn't really been in many RPs).

Programs Used: Krita, MS Paint
File Name: Finishing Touch Kinesis the Espeon.png
Layer Count: 12 (1 Group File)
Started: March 11, 2018 @1:47AM EST
Finished: March 12, 2018 @9:33PM EST
Image Links: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net...FEH_Orb.png/revision/latest?cb=20170410122150 (Fire Emblem Orb)
https://cdn.shutterstock.com/shutterstock/videos/14761582/thumb/1.jpg (Image Background)
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  1. Grand Master Koop
    Grand Master Koop
    Why's a Feh orb in the background?
    Sep 4, 2018