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Once More

by Mr.RMA

Mr.RMA Here's my short little work for this latest challenge, a sort of monologue of sorts, concerning the inner thoughts of one of the Kanto starters as they face off against their fellow starter for one final showdown. I purposely kept the identities of which Pokemon are involved ambiguous, since it's less about any of them individually, and more the sort of connection the two selected starters have with each other and their respective trainers, especially after having encountered one another so many times before this decisive moment. Hopefully you guys enjoy it~ ^^
So here we are. Again, it comes down to us, as it did from the start. You remember those days, don’t you? That time before we started these fights? I remember, in the midst of those occasional arguments we had, you used to make it quite clear how you were, by the very nature of things, stronger than me, at least, when it came down to what we were. Our friend used to remind you it wasn’t so simple as that, our strengths and weaknesses all varied, there was no definitive “type” as our trainers call it. That usually set you straight and we went back to whatever playful antics we used to all partake in together. I still wonder sometimes how our buddy is doing, probably still looking young and innocent, remaining with the professor, not taking up the road of warriors the way we were destined to.

We’ve changed a lot since then, and a lot of it comes from who selected us I feel… I see that look in your trainer’s eyes, one I used to see only sometimes in you, about as much as you probably saw it in me… that look of overconfidence, haughtiness, arrogance… Every time I see you now I can see that look. He’s turned you into something similar to him, and you’ve gotten a lot stronger because of it, I can’t lie. You two have been a step ahead of us at every turn, every twist in the road we took you’ve already seen yourself, you’re quite the risk-taker now, proud of your scars, surrounded by powerful companions, truly believing you’re invincible. I can see that. Don’t deny you feel by now you’ve earned that right. Your trainer wasn’t spouting nonsense by saying he was the “most powerful in the world”. I’m not entirely sure our little region of the globe can truly be big enough to support such a lofty claim entirely, but, no one is above the Champion, no one can say they’re better than you, not even me, not yet.

Though… you do remember all the previous times we’ve squared off, don’t you? Plenty of times now… That first time where we fought in the very building we used to so innocently play in, that time when our two novice trainers fought with this very plateau in the distance with their aspiring dreams to someday reach the top, the fight with Cerulean city in the distance, both of us having cut our teeth on a number of tense battles with symbols of victory to prove it, the moment when we squabbled on top of that luxurious ship, the subsequent face-off in that tower of the dead, the showdown in that besieged skyscraper, and the rematch before the league gates… You remember who came out on top in every single one of those, don’t you? With all that talk of superiority, you haven’t been able to beat me yet. My trainer’s resourceful that way, conditioning me to be more than a match for you, even if I was technically “weaker” by comparison. He trusts me, and through all this I’ve come to trust him too, to believe in his leadership, and it hasn’t failed us yet, though you knew that already I’m sure. We wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case, but neither would you if your trainer hadn’t put some sort of belief in you somehow, even if he doesn’t show it quite so much. He’s not some corrupted punk like those criminals we’ve run across, and neither are you, I can still see that friend of mine somewhere in your eyes, and I earnestly do hope you still look fondly on those memories the way I do.

And so here we stand, all our teammates fallen, depending on us just as much as the two humans at command. They’re the generals on the field watching as their last two soldiers charge in to decide the definitive outcome. But beyond their orders, deep down, at the very foundation of this whole thing, it’s really just between me and you. None of our previous fights matter right now, none of them really will matter compared to how this ends. We stand as the only adversaries truly formidable enough for one another, because we know each other in a way no others of our kind really could. Our constant clashes have enlightened us, taught us about one another in a way that only the field of battle could. So, no matter who stands triumphant this time, I only wish to say good luck to you, my rival.

Good luck, my friend.
  1. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    I love it RMA! By my own personal bias of always choosing Squirtle I imagined this exchange between Blastoise and Venusaur but I can easily see how any of the three could be narrator facing down their "super-effective" counterpart.
    May 27, 2016
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  2. Teapot
    Ooh, I really like this. Great job, @Mr.RMA!
    May 26, 2016
    Mr.RMA likes this.