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On The Streets: Chapter 1

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 So, yeah! I've started something new. No, this isn't a one off series that I hate but I just want to share just because like O.C. Origins, a Xenoblade series, or episodes 1-15 of Death Battle. But it also won't become the main focus of the account, like episode 16 to present of Death Battle. (BTW, Zygarde v Rayquaza on the 25th) But enough shameless plugs, this is chapter one of a new series. This series was created by a writing group that I co-own with @Eeveechu151, @The Argonaut, @Ry_Burst, @AspenTR33, @ProfessorSticks, and @SismicFlareCharmander, called the Noodleheads. (Yes, we do know what that word means, we're using it ironicly.) The other chapters will be posted on the other member's accounts. This is Chapter 1, I hope you enjoy!
"Alright, everyone out!"
Jack Carter burst in the door of the Vrord bank, .33 Magnum drawn, along with 3 other members of his gang, the Crystal Crows. There were many members, but these were the ones he brought on this heist.
Terrance Triston, the Tactition, responsible for planning out missions and infiltrations. Richard Webster, the armory, responsible for weapons and loadout. Lastly, James Smith, the Techie, can hack into security and is overall the smart one, who can solve problems faced for the gang. Everyone in the bank hit the floor, and Jack was able to overpower the guards, or at least, he would've been able too, if they had been there. Where were all the workers? A man dressed in shadows walked over to Jack, and pinned him to the ground.
"Don, you son of a bitch!" Jack screamed. The shadowy man took his hat off, and revealed himself as Don Kevin Mitchell, another mob boss, leader of the Silent Knives. Jack kicked Don off of him, and stood up. Jack tackled Don out of the bank, leaving the two in the street. Jack drew his gun again, but Don knocked it out of his hand, then brought out a knife. Don jumped forward, but Jack knocked his hand away, then pounced forward. Don caught him, then flipped him over his head, smashing him into the wall. Jack picked up his gun and growled.
"What's this for?!" He shouted. "Why are you resisting so much?!" Don laughed, but he quickly stopped when the rest of Carter's Group came outside. Don was overpowered now. Richard Webster stepped forward,
"All this fighting will finally come to an end. And in the best possible ending." The Silent Knives then rounded the corner and confronted the Crystal Crows.
"Overpowered, you're funny." Don laughed. Jack growled, and commanded the Crystal Crows to attack. Suddenly, a siren wailed. Jack took his knife and stabbed Don through the shoulder, causing him to stumble back. Jack made a hand gesture that calls the Crystal Crows to retreat, they all disappeared into the shadows. Don fell on his knees, and pulled the knife out of his skin at the sight of flashing lights.
"You okay?" Asked Kyle, Don's son. Don stood back up and replied,
"Yeah, I'm fine. They got away, we've got to pull back." The Silent Knives ran into an ally and went back to their underground base.

Don Kevin Mitchell had a bandage wrapped around his right shoulder, and he was talking to his son, Kyle.
"Well boys, we did it!" Don said, holding up the two bags of money. 3 members of the Silent Knives were all cheering at their successful heist.
"And Jack thought that he would get there first... classic!" Joked Cindy Hill, one of
the only female member of the Silent Knives. Kyle looked over to the side and sighed. Don looked over at his son.
"Hey, Kyle, what's wrong?" Kyle looked at his father and answered,
"Well, I thought the Silent Knives would only get their hands dirty if we have too." Don laughed.
"Oh, Kyle. If we didn't do this, Jack would get to it first. Besides, it gives us a step up on him. You see, the possibility of a gang war is inevitable. We need all the power we can get. We didn't do this just for our own sake, we're going to wipe the Crystal Crows off of the face of this planet." Suddenly, there was a phone call, for Don. An unregistered number. When Don picked up, a voice rang out,
"I know where you are. I know where your puny rival is too." This wasn't the voice of Jack Carter, or any member of the Crystal Crows.
"May I ask who the Hell I'm talking too?" Don said back. The voice on the other end chuckled, and said.
"Let's just say I'm the one who is going to bring peace to this puny city, again." The mysterious person hung up, and Don looked at the other members of his gang.
"Wait, do you hear that?" Kyle asked. There was movement in the walls. Just then, a person dressed in a cloak burst through the door.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, if you enjoyed this chapter then make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Chapter 2 (written by @ProfessorSticks) which will follow Carter's side of the story. Soon after, I'll be bringing out Chapter 3 and a new character!
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