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Poetry: On The Contrary

by Night's Shadow

Night's Shadow
The night wraps me in its loving arms
The silence nurtures me like I am its own
The water folds over my head like a blanket
The blackness around me turns into a throne

The people around me fade into the dark
The light clouds above me herald a storm
The fire, it freezes, icicle hands reaching
The ice that surrounds me unbearably warm

The fields stretching out consumed by a plague
The light all around sends me into the dark
The glee of all people leaves me feeling hollow
The iron my soul is can’t conduct a spark

The song of the harpies inspire my soul
The words of the people fly over my head
The pain is a mother’s caring caress
The oldest of screams whispers to the dead

The time slows— then it stops—
The metronome stops ticking
The pendulum stills but
The hands keep on moving

With that I know that
My time has now come
As I move onwards
I gift you my song

An ode to remind you
That pain can be joy
And that silence can still
Overpower the noise.