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The Omega Ruby Wedlocke Challenge: Omega Ruby Wedlocke Challenge #2 *Second Attempt*

by crazyone

crazyone I had to restart the challenge because a wild Tailow destroyed my team.
Right, here goes my second attempt at this challenge.
I'll start off with Torchic this time. His name? Pyro

*ten minutes of useless introfuction nonsense*

Ok, finally got some pokéballs, who will be Pyro's partner? *A wild Wurmple appeared* :'|Why has Arceus forsaken me.
My first couple Pyro and Trace (Wurmple). Alrighty then may as well get Trace stronger or possibly a replacement in 103.

*Poochyena has appeared*
"welp, may as well go for it, let's call you Gnasher"
let's get you a partner *Seedot appeared* :p Why must the rules be so strict *catches* I'll call you Slicer then.

My team REALLY needs to level up. Over two hours of careful grinding and I'm not even at the third town yet :@. This is going to take a while.