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Omega Ruby Wedlocke Challenge #1 *Failed*

by crazyone

crazyone Yeah my first ever Wedlocke isn't having a good start.
The start of my first Wedlocke challenge. Once my entire team dies game over, Back to the beginning.

Starter pokémon is a male Treeko named Leafy, his partner is a female Poochyena named (by my little brother) Poochy.

Next couple was a male Zigzagoon *Ziggy and a female Seedot *Nuzzy

"May as well level up my pokémon to 10" *Ziggy and Nuzzy were killed by a Tailow. *input song "In the arms of an angel"*

Next pokémon, a male Wurmple *Duster.

"Ok, off to a bumpy start but hopefully I get lucky soon"

Routes I can't catch in anymore, 101, 102, 103, 104.