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Of Insolence and Ignorance

by Apocolythe

Apocolythe Stupid name. First Written work. About a young Eevee named Primrose and a Zorua named Kuyo. Nothing much here. May be a series if I'm confident enough and people request it to be.
"Sir, I'll accompany you on your way; It's the only way to keep you safe and - might I say it? Under control. Consider it a blessing,"
An adolescent Eevee murmured under her breath. Yet she clearly had no will to escort a Zorua through the abnoxious wood which surrounded the plain.
"...but an idiot like you has no business ambling over here like you're the boss!"
"At least I'M able to keep myself hidden!"
"Primmy, at least be kind to the poor Pokemon," a voice called out as an elegant Vaporeon strode over to the two bickering forms.
"Though maybe our guest could keep his boldness down to a minimum."
The Eevee and the Zorua both childlishly turned away and glared at the dusty earth.
"I thought you were going to guide him home, Primrose-" the Vaporeon began.
"I-I... L-Lotus can do it! I don't have time for a fool like him!" the Eevee growled mercilessly.
"Primrose? Pretty name." The Zorua stated wistfully, wanting to get on the right side of the aquatic fox.
Primrose then sauntered off, signalling for the dark wolf to follow her.
The wood was somber, with mangled patches of briar and the like, with a narrow stream dusted with water lily petals.
Once they were in the depths of the tangled wood, Zorua leaned over to the young Eevee.
"...Pretty stupid..." he murmured and ran for the hills of his home.
Primmy swore to kill him when she found him again... yet that opportunity came sooner than expected.
  1. Pikachucat
    i love it :love:
    Mar 28, 2015
    Apocolythe likes this.
  2. Apocolythe
    Doooon't mind me, just writing stupid stories.
    Mar 28, 2015