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of Fire and Ice

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Not sure if going to be quite a series, but a small writing to do...
I'm bored XD
The ending might sound odd, but it's still good :)
She raced out from the Colosseum where the beast had crashed. apparently she didn't fully take it down. As it got up and roared at her. A huge wolf like creature got up, burn marks scarred it's face from the girl's attack. But it still stood strong. It dashed and swung at her, but her reflexes were great. it just missed her as she dodged. She returned with a fierce kick to it's jaw it took the hit, but turned back and slapped her back with it's paw. She crashed onto the ground but got up still ready to fight.

"Dang, it won't stay down" She cursed under her breath, as she dodged various swipes from the beast. It actually had her on the run. something she didn't like to do... but in this situation, it seemed appropriate.

Well at least she'll get a good pay after this she thought to herself. She ran into a small empty village. no civilians thankfully were there. She leap over the beast and made it run into a building. There was a huge dust cloud from the destruction of the house, but the beast still stood up after the collapse.
"Still wanna keep going"? she taunted the beast. It growled and charged at her, she was quick on her feet dodging the swipes. She blocked one of the paws by crossing her arms into an X, but then took a hit from the other paw. She landed in the ashes of a burned down house. The beast went over to the girl and slowly raised a paw, having a bit bleed from the fight, it was about to lay a final strike, when something cold hit it's arm. It looked over to see it's paw completely frozen. Then a huge white creature appeared. It looked like a giant white gorilla. It's eyes glowed blue, and it grabbed the beast, and threw it across the field. The wolf creature crashed into a burning building. The girl got up slowly only to awaken to see a giant gorilla like thing.

"what the"!? The girl said. But the wolf creature burst out of the house, and it's claws glowed aflame, and the gorilla like creature looked at her.

"If you wanna live, help me take out this shadow" it said.
The girl nodded and used her full power, she focused and gained blue wings, her arms also glowed, and she sent fire from her hands, the white monster shot out a freezing breath, making a frozen loop, the girl dashed off leaving a blazing trail, she slammed into the wolf beast. The wolf got knocked down, It whimpered, but then growled baring it's fangs.

"Shall we"? The girl said.
"Yes"! The Gorilla said.

The girl raised her hands, and a giant fire blade appeared and reached high into the sky. The gorilla breathed in heavily, absorbing alot of cold air in. The wolf Roared and began to charge at them. until the girl and the gorilla attacked.
"Supernova X"!
"Ultimate Frost X"!

The girl slammed the creature with a blast of flames, while the gorilla creature entrapped it in ice. The attacks exploded creating a huge explosion, The wolf then layed there, it's dark body and hollow white mask layed crack. the life in it left it's eyes as it disappeared into black smoke... then nothing. The girl let out a sigh of relief and drew her wings back as she turned back to normal and then turned back to the ice gorilla creature.

"Who are you"? she asked.

The creature closed it's eyes and glowed, it reverted to a more human form. A kid with dark brown hair, a dark blue hoodie. and a black t-shirt. his eyes were blue as the girl looked at him with surprised of the transformation. He also wore some odd type of glasses. Not one she ever saw before.

"Call me... Austin X" He said to her.
"and your name"?
"why should I say"? The girl said.
"Because I did" Austin X shot back.
"I'm... Bloom X" The girl said.
She had long red hair in a ponytail and a blue outfit, with red flames and black gloves and boots.

"So Bloom X, why are you hunting that shadow, you were almost dead if it wasn't for me: Austin X said. Bloom pushed him slightly.
"I could have token him" She said stubbornly.
"Sure" Austin X said sarcastically,
"whatever I don't need your approval" Bloom X said and walked off.
"Wait" Austin X said grabbing her shoulder.
"What"? Bloom X asked.
"Just remember... No price is worth for death" Austin X said, then let go as she somewhat smiled as for his assistance, and walked off to get her bounty money, he looked at her almost out of view, and went in the other direction.
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