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of Fire and Ice Chapter: 2

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja well, it may not gotten any likes, but it did get views, and i guess it's better to have people view and look at your story then nobody so onward to another chapter of awesomeness, i love writing this one, so AWESOME!
Bloom X had went into a small town, she looked to see the local children play together and have fun. She sighed at seeing them so innocent and careless, but also relieved they wouldn't have to do the work she lives everyday.
You see a long time ago, there were actually peace in this world similar to earth, but more like Earth 2.0 as it was called. But when a blood red moon rose one day, out of the earth came beasts known as shadows, terrifying monsters that take form of fear and slaughter anything living in their path. Mankind took a huge death toll then. But they also created a new genetic weapon against the shadows, the X Warriors. humans with extreme powers that could fight back the shadows, X warriors now today were addressed with X in their name.
Bloom X didn't like to admit she was at times when most would call her a freak, or disturbing, because being an X warrior gave you power, but fear from others as well. but her powers did come handy at times, She entered a small tavern. If any guys try to hit on her, she can make them hot under the collar to say the least. She sat down at a table and ordered some food, as the waiter left, she sat back and relaxed, stretching from the intense battle she had before. She slowly closed her eyes when...

"You know, you never got a chance to explain why you hunted that shadow*
She quickly opened her eyes and saw the boy from before in the seat behind her

"Have you been following me"? Bloom Glared at him
"mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe" He said laughing
"Nope, total coincidence" :)
Bloom Didn't buy it...
"Right" She said sarcastically
"I don't know what you want but you better stop following me" She demanded. She put on blue gloves with a dragon surrounded by flames on them.

"Hey, no need for that" He said.
He took out a small wrist watch, with a white gorilla like creature on the dial, on the strap had a red X, the symbol for the X warriors.
"I'm an X warrior, like you" He said happily.
That made Bloom only not like him more.
" Great for you, now go away you pest" She scoffed.
"Wow, your friendly" He shot back.
Bloom rolled her eyes and turned back to her seat.
That's when Austin X moved over to her seat
"Bloom right"? he asked.
Bloom groaned, this guy just couldn't take a hint.
"I'll take that for a yes" Austin said.
"Leave me alone before i burn you to smithereens Ice boy"! Bloom bursted. A huge man then went over to them, he looked like the bouncer.
"Is there a problem"? He asked.
Bloom fastly responded.
"Yes sir, this brat won't leave me alone" bloom said.
"Look who's talking princess" Austin X said.
Bloom Glared at him.
The bouncer then got in the way.
"I see your X warriors"... He started.
"Yup, Bold and proud" Austin X said happily.
"What about it"? Bloom asked.
"We don't allow your kind in here" He said cracking his knuckles.
Bloom again got a bit frustrated but decided to leave when...
"Our kind"!? Austin said furiously.
Oh no, what's that idiot doing Bloom thought.
" We're as human as you bucko, and I will not be criticized for being an X warrior"! Austin ranted.
The Bouncer then easily picked up Austin.
"Your kind ain't welcome here, get out"! He growled.
Bloom then dashed and kicked the bouncer back, making him release Austin
"Thanks" He said
"Let's get out of here" She said.
They raced out of the tavern being followed by angry villagers and townspeople.
They kept running, but the villagers were catching up
" We can't keep this up" Bloom cried.
"Leave this to me" Austin said and jumped back, taking out his watch"
"What are you doing kid"!? Bloom Asked.
"You'll get yourself killed"!
"Not today, X power"! Austin held up his watch, and in a flash he transformed into a huge yeti like creature.
"Ice Bregade"! He shouted punching the ground and blocking the villagers off with a huge chunk of ice, making sure they can't be chased anymore.
Austin changed back and went over to Bloom
"See, too simple" He smiled.
"Well, guess I'm not going back now" bloom X said.
"Where we going next partner"? Austin Asked excited
"Excuse me"!? Bloom asked.
"Well, we're both run out, and we ned to work together" Austin said.
"Fine, we'll camp for the night, it's getting late" bloom said looking at the night sky.
"But you leave in the morning, got it"?
"Sure, whatever" Austin said already unpacking.
Bloom got mad and shot a spark of fire at him
"Your a jerk" Bloom said
Austin stuck out his tounge playfully.
This was a start of a very long friendship, and journey...
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