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Ode to the Monkey King

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Four years ago I took a Creative Writing class. This is one of three poems I wrote in tribute to the Hansome Monkey King, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong!
I serve no mortal man, but I, Psycho Monkey, solely declare his majesty
the Monkey King as my master for his badassery, cunning audacity,
and overall awesomeness as his loyal vassal.

Sired with many names, Son Goku and Sun Wukong are his most
recognized identities. Golden garbs and a phoenix feathered
cap complete his reflection of royalty.

From modest origins does this great demon lord come, being born out of
chaos and residing in a waterfall cave with others of his kind. Quickly did
Wukong’s powers grow until he became the best of his clan.

Seeking immortality, the intelligent monkey became skilled at magic and martial arts.
Armed with the soaring cloud Kinto-un and the Nyoibo Staff, capable of stretching
to any size, Wukong instituted his dominance over all demons, even dragons.

When eternal life and youth belonged to the monkey, not even the armies of heaven
numbering One Hundred Thousand were a match for Wukong’s overwhelming powers.
In victory the Monkey King’s immense strength increased even further.

With a lethal ego and mischievous mannerisms, Sun Wukong is a foe
that is best not to make. Once again I, Psycho Monkey,
affirm the mighty Monkey King as my master.​
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