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My Pokemon Leagues: Oceano Pokemon League Part 4

by GKForest

GKForest Half way!!!!
Adelve City
Name: Reverand Antiqua
Gender: Male
Type: Ghost
Each room has a locked door with three slots. Gems are scattered with gems of 18 types. You create a type triangle out of each one e.g. fire---->grass---->water. If you have trouble, a trainer will give a hint if you beat them.
Badge: Discovery Badge
TM: Antique. Ghost. Reduces defence of steel, rock and crystal types and increases moves such as Pay Day.
Cofafrigus. Lv 35. Moves. Ominous Wind. Antique. Will-O-wisp. Hex.
Yamask. Lv 32. Moves. Antique. Imprison. Will-O-wisp. Hex.
Trevenant. Lv 35. Moves. Forests Curse. Shadow Claw. Horn Leech. Imprison
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