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by Fraseandchico

Fraseandchico Its finally here, Bowser vs Selensa. I should've done this ages ago.
A Dark King vs the Dark Lord, the biggest of the worst of their worlds. But who would win
Rules for this fight:
No dream stone or star rod(Or anything from Paper Mario) AND NO GALAXY, Selensa uses my ideas for him.
Darkness, an odd thing. It can be scary to some, and a haven to others. But today, I'm looking at the two beings with a trait often associated with the dark. Evil.
Selensa, the Dark Lord and biggest threat to the cores.
And Bowser, the tyrant of Koopa Kind.


Selensa is the Dark Lord, and a deadly foe at worst.
Selensa is a shape-shifting Demon spirit, who can easily transform when at full power. He has a few powers, so I'll go over them quickly
  • Shape-shift-Allows Selensa to transform into different forms for different situations. His strongest form is his Human form
  • Copy-He can copy whatever attack was used on him last, but it becomes slightly weaker.
  • Summon-Selensa can easily summon his weaker minions and weapons/armour when he needs them.
  • Darkness Weapons-These weapons have a ton of power, and the ability to erase things, however, the erase is very slow and was shut down by Timus.
Selensa is quite the crazy thing. He is also very strong, being easily able to lift an Island weighing 50 tons in his human form. He is very unpredictable. However, he is quite cocky, and his minion summoning is actually a bad idea(Which he never will realize), as when his minions die, he loses energy.


Bowser is the Koopa king, and an extremely powerful beast at worst. He is a GIANT FIRE-BREATHING TURTLE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! These are his abilities:
  • Fire breath
  • Super strength
  • Durable shell
  • Koopa Clown Car
  • Hammers
  • Spiked Balls
  • Mecha-Koopas
  • Magic
  • Shapeshifting
  • Teleportation
  • Size growth

yep, he's a tough one. And a recognisable one at that. So recognisable, in fact, that I probably don't even need to list his feats and weaknesses!


(I couldn't think of a neat way to start, pls help.)

Bowser starts the fight by charging at Selensa and punching him as Selensa transforms into his wolf form. The blow catches Selensa off guard and sends him flying into a wall. He gets up and fires a Roar beam at Bowser, Bowser is hit by the attack and goes flying into a chandelier. Bowser jumps down to attempt to crush Selensa, who retaliates by transforming into a dragon, and swallowing Bowser, however...

Inside Selensa.

Bowser wakes up, and roars, he starts attacking the inner skin of Selensa, who is busy celebrating his so called 'victory'. Bowser is spit out as Selensa transforms into his human form, and Bowser uses his clown car. Selensa summons the darkness scythe and some minions. The minions are destroyed and Selensa is slightly weakened. He uses the scythe to destroy the clown car and sends bowser into the lava, thinking he's won. Bowser reappears from the lava, huge. He shoots a super Fireball. Destroying Selensa
"NOOOOOOOOOOO! THIS CAN'T BE!" Selensa screams as he dies from the fire. The darkness scythe falls to the ground. And flies away, looking for a new master.

And the winner is.....BOWSER!

  1. Fraseandchico
    Odd, I made 2 Written works in one day. ITS NOT POSSIBLE!
    Sep 30, 2018