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OC October Day 6 - Constance

by Maiden of Ghosts

Day 6 - Constance (Small).png
Maiden of Ghosts The kindhearted Alpha Keldeo, Constance lived her life trying to help others. When young, she traveled Unova accompanied by Sébastien the Virizion, Esmé the Terrakion, and their quartet’s leader, Léonie the Shiny Cobalion. Together the four of them helped other Pokemon where and when they could.

While she had her heart in the right place most of the time, Constance was also prone to being naive and overly trusting. Once, she came across a poor village of humans beset by aggressive wild Pokemon. Despite what the humans thought of her (as at that time, there was a rift between Pokemon and humans, and more so with Legendaries. Many humans in Unova tended to fear and hate Legends for their god-like powers.), she took pity upon them and drove the Pokemon that threatened them away. During this time, she had befriended the human who led the villagers, a woman named Amice that shared her opinion that the distrust between their kind was foolish. In an attempt to both keep the village safe for the future, and an offer to bridge the gap between the two races, Constance and her quartet granted Amice and three other villagers with a portion of their own power, making them Champions.

The Legends’ trust was sadly taken for granted, however, and three of the human Champions later turned on their Legendary masters. After all, if one had stolen the power of the gods for themselves, why need those gods anymore? Léonie, Sébastien and Esmé were ambushed and murdered by their Champions. Horrified and enraged by their betrayal, Constance struck back against the humans, whose blessings had weakened with their masters’ deaths, and killed them in return. Blinded by grief, she continued an onslaught into the village, killing the humans there in cold-blood. She had chosen to believe there could be peace between their kind, and her trust had been betrayed, her companions murdered as the price. Her rampage was only ceased when Amice rose to stop her. Friendship and a bond over belief in peace was thrown to the wind as they clashed, the duel coming to an abrupt end when Amice was run through by Constance’s blade.

Left betrayed, with her companions dead, and both her own Champion and a village of innocents slaughtered by her own hand, Constance simply broke. She retreated into hiding for years, finding it too hard to face the world after what had happened.

When she resurfaced, she returned to find that three young Legendaries had taken the place of her fallen companions. Her quartet had been the Alphas for their species, so when Léonie and the others had died, three new Legends had been born to fill their roles as Alphas. At first, Constance distanced herself from the boys, their presence reminding her too much of what she had lost. But as the Alpha Keldeo, her place was at their sides. Finally, she allowed herself to let go and join the young Legends.

Constance spent the following four hundred years teaching and guiding her new quartetmates, and though she never forgot her original companions, she grew to love the young Legends like they were her own children. Eventually, when she found that the three were old enough to live without her continuous guidance, though she still visited with them quite often, she settled in the forests that would one day be known as the Moor of Icirrus, along with her newfound mate, a Shiny Keldeo named Antony, whom she’d later have a child with.

Then the wars came. Human-ruled kingdoms of Unova began to fight each other for land and power, with little to no regard for the impact the wars had on the lives and homes of wild Pokemon. During one such war, a battle was waged near Constance’s home, and the forest itself was set ablaze. Constance and Antony were caught in a dilemma between trying to fight the blaze, aiding the other Pokemon that lived there, and getting their infant son to safety.

By chance, though, Constance’s young quartetmates had been close by when the battle began, and the trio quickly leaped into action as the fire spread. Between the five Legends, many Pokemon that called the forest home were taken to safety, and parts of the human armies were pushed back, frightened by the Legends’ power. But the fire continued to spread, and in a last-ditch effort, Constance and Antony left their son in the hands of the younger Alphas and made their way deep into the blaze, doing all they could to stop it. But even Water types, Legends or not, could burn, and the duo, already exhausted from rescuing others and fighting off the human soldiers, could only manage to summon large rain clouds before they fell to the blazing heat.

The fire eventually died out as the rain came, and the human armies retreated, both down in numbers due to the fire and the battle, and intimidated by the Legendaries that had tried to stop them. And with his mother’s death, Constance’s young son inherited her Alpha role, and was left to grow up in the care of the Legends that his mother had in turn raised herself.


Oh my god I'm so sorry that backstory is so long. I got really carried away, and I've been itching to talk about this character for a long time. ;u; (And at some point, I really want to do more with Constance and her quartet.. For characters that were created already-dead, I really love them aksldkelskdl)

I'm still trying to catch up on OC October, too.. This one took the entire day, so I'm still a day behind. and I'm sure to fall behind again/more within the next week since I'm moving soon. Oh well?

(Oops, forgot that I should probably clarify the whole "Alpha" thing! In the RP verse I'm involved in, we have multiples of every single Legendary species (Barring Arceus), and for every species there's an Alpha member, that acts sort of as the head of their species. The really big and powerful Legendary species Alphas act as a head/strongest version of their kind, power-wise (So time itself relies specifically on the Alpha Dialga, though other Dialgas can still mess with time as well. Just not to the same full-on, potentially time warping/changing extent as the Alpha), while Alphas of lesser/weaker Legends mostly just act as a representative of their kind during official Legendary meetings and such!)