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OC October Day 5 - Voy

by Maiden of Ghosts

Day 5 - Voy.png
Maiden of Ghosts A young Umbreon from a tribe in Ilex Forest. They are often quite soft-spoken and mild, quite happy to let their bolder siblings do most of the talking. However, they’re also very curious, a trait which can completely override their usual shyness. They especially find other Eeveelutions with some kind of unique feature quite interesting.

Voy comes from a large family, which is common in the tribe they’re from, and all of their siblings share the trait of having various marking variations, with Voy’s being their ring markings having a freckled appearance. Along with their eight siblings, Voy also has many cousins. While Voy and their siblings have mostly stuck together in the tribe, their cousins have since left the tribe and scattered both due to being cast out and because of the Dusk War. Voy was close with one of their cousins in particular, an older Umbreon named Ghost. (And according to them, the reason they wanted to become an Umbreon in the first place was because of Ghost.)


Catching up, since I was too exhausted yesterday to get anything done!

I decided to draw Voy, AKA Frecklebreon, because they’re simple and adorable. And I just really, really love them. Voy is my precious tiny child ♥

(Note, just in case; Voy uses they/them pronouns!)
  1. NightRaven
    Amazing art as always! :D
    Oct 7, 2015
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