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OC October Day 4 - Swift

by Maiden of Ghosts

Day 4 - Swift (small).png
Maiden of Ghosts The leader of Team Element, a rescue team with their base close to Pokemon Square on the Windy Continent. Swift is a friendly and outgoing goofball, but her carefree and somewhat reckless nature belies the fact that she’s actually quite a good leader, with enough wits and experience to get her out of most situations with ease.

However, she is also naive and trusting to a fault, and her optimism leads her to try and see the good in everyone, even those who have tried to bring harm to her and her team. She’s been lucky to avoid it coming back to bite her in the ass so far, but her teammates are convinced nonetheless that someday it’s going to get her into a lot of trouble – or worse.

Swift is close friends with two different humans-turned-Pokemon, which seem to be a surprisingly common oddity in her world. One is a member of Team Element – a Vaporeon named Aqua, who was found by Swift and her friend Bolt one day, without any recollection of her past. The other is a Gengar named Scuro, the former leader of a small rescue team himself (though troublemakers was a more apt description for them), and a surprisingly successful case of Swift trusting people regardless of their past actions (which, in this case, included: abandoning his loyal partner when faced with a very angry Ninetales, as well as attempting to get the entirety of Pokemon Square to turn on Swift’s team for something none of them ever actually did.)

The scarf Swift wears is a Mobile Scarf, an item that was a gift from Scuro. She treasures it more than some of her teammates think she should. (And to be honest, she hardly ever actually uses it in dungeons. She just seems to really like how it looks.)


Fun fact, not all my Pokemon OCs are from a specific verse based on the world of the main series games! I have an older PMD verse lying around that, while I don't pay much attention to it anymore, I love to bits. Swift is from said verse, and she's always been one of my favourite characters of mine. She's the cutest dork ever, and she means one hell of a lot to me!

One of these days, I should do more with my PMD verse.. Maybe Super Mystery Dungeon will make me get my butt in gear on that.

(Also, have I mentioned that I adore Linoone? Because I do. And it's because of this nerd right here, no less. ♥)
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