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OC October Day 3 - Captain Adelaide

by Maiden of Ghosts

Day 3 - Captain Adelaide.png
Maiden of Ghosts A fierce Samurott who leads a crew of pirates that travel the seas of Unova, though their methods of making a living – taking work from various individuals during their travels – makes others think of them more as simple mercenaries than pirates. Adelaide herself doesn’t particularly care what people call her and her crew, though. What’s important to her is that they get work, money, and food.

To those that employ her, as well as those unfortunate enough to end up on the other end of her jobs, Adelaide seems quite heartless. After all, she doesn’t seem to be bothered much by any of the jobs she and her crew take, regardless of the nature of them. However she’s quite amiable with her crew, and they would gladly vouch for this fact – to the ragtag bunch of Pokemon, their captain is seen as the head of their cobbled-together family. While Adelaide herself prefers to treat her crew professionally while on work, the rest of the time she’s quite happy to make it clear that she loves them like family, be it as siblings, children, or otherwise. One crew member she is particularly close with is her second-in-command, Regina the Talonflame. An odd Pokemon to be traveling the seas, but Regina is more than happy to stay at her captain’s side until the end, and the feeling is mutual.


This girl's a new OC that I actually made the day I drew her! I'm quite fond of her so far, though. I mean, she's a badass pirate Samurott lady, what's not to love?

(She does have a helmet, by the way. I just didn't draw it in this picture, since it was kind of concept art.)