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OC Bio Sheet: Rose

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir Bio of one of my OCs, Rose
Name: Rosalia Valentina Lunelini (Goes by Rose)

(Her 'manga' name is Beryl, as in red beryl, the gemstone, and her Japanese name is Akahana Himezawa)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rose has shaggy, chin length blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes. Her face is set in a permanent scowl, and she has a very small nose, and thin lips. She's also remarkably petite, and people often assume that she's younger than seventeen because of this. She tends to wear tank tops and black cargo trousers, as well as combat boots, a flat cap, and a silver feathered necklace.


Mimi (Lopunny)

Dee (Minun)

Oktavia (Glaceon)

Mari (Drifblim)

Kagura (Skuntank)

Sayaka (Lapras)

Backstory: Rose came from a rich family living in Hearthome City, and thus had a very sheltered upbringing. She wasn't allowed to learn how to do very much for herself, as her family had planned to marry her off to a rich man, whom they assumed would take care of everything for her.

When Rose turned ten, she decided that she wanted to be a trainer, and begged her parents until they relented, and gave her a buneary as her starter. They let her become a trainer on the condition that she come home as soon as she had received her final badge, and never journey again.

Her parents told her that they wished to congratulate her for getting all eight Sinnoh badges when she arrived home, but upon arriving, it soon became clear that that wasn't the case. Disgusted at the fact that she had cut her long blonde hair short, Rose's parents yelled at her, asking her how she was supposed to marry her arranged fiancé now that she was, in their words, 'unladylike'. It soon was revealed that the real reason Rose had been called home was to meet her fiancée, the son of a rival company, whom she hated. Realising this, Rose ran away from them in tears, declaring that she would never consider herself their daughter again, and her family have since abandoned all hope that she will ever return. Rose is now trying to decide what to do with her life.

Personality: Having been brought up to believe that she was useless and unable to do anything, Rose is now fiercely independent, wanting to do everything by herself, her way. She is quite crude, blunt and sarcastic, casually dropping swear words into most of her sentences. She will refuse all help, even to the point of putting herself in danger.
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